2014 Skin, hair & body care favorites

I change up my make up daily. Other beauty products? Not so much. I do not switch shampoos, day creams and shower gels unless I’ve used up one. Hence the amount of beauty products apart from make up, don’t play a huge role on this blog. Because how many of them can you realistically use up in a year anyway right? I did manage to try out some new things and I’ve come up with 11 products that I’ve been loving in 2014.

There’s a little bit of everything here. Most of it is skincare related though. Where I have never been super into skincare before, this year saw a major landslide in that area. In July I wrote a blog post about my updated skincare routine, in which you could have read about this change. So most of my favorites have to do with that.

1.) Facial cleansers

Ren Rosa  Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm
Bioderma Hydrabio Micelle Solution for Sensitive & Dehydrated Skin

One thing I changed up this year is how I cleanse my face. I’ve discovered micellar water and tried the L’Oreal and Garnier ones earlier this year. However, when I was in Paris over summer, I picked up the blue Bioderma and I love it even more than the other two. This one is formulated specifically for sensitive and dehydrated skin, which is why I picked this up. A full review of this is in the works. Another new product is Ren’s Cleansing Balm. This may be new, but cleansing balms and oils are again something I’ve been very much into this past year. I was using The Body Shop cleansing oil before, but now I’ve switched to this and I really like it.

2.) Face creams

Olaz Total Effects 7 in One Hydrating cream + protection for sensitive skin
La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV Intense Riche Long Lasting Intense Rehydration

Two face creams I’ve been enjoying this year are the Olaz and La Roche-Posay ones you can see here. I’ve enjoyed La Roche-Posay in the past and I’ve written about it before. Olaz is a new one for me, but one that I’m familiar with because my mom has been using their creams for as long as I can remember. Which is why I decided to pick this up when it was on sale. I reviewed it here. A full review for the Hydraphase cream is on its way.

3.) Face mist & serum

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist
The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil

On to two products that I discovered over summer. The Face Mist was such a delicious product to have handy in hot weather. I didn’t know how good that felt until I tried it! I was also unfamiliar with serums until this year. I think I received a tester of the famous Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair one and loved what it did for my skin. After finding out how expensive that was, I decided to go on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. I found it in the Vitamin E serum by TBS. Again, I still have to write a full review on this.

4.) Haircare

Gliss Kur Hair Repair Oil Nutrive Spray

Sassoon Edit Hold Re-Workable Long-Lasting Finishing Spray

Haircare wise I didn’t discover too many favorites. I reviewed the Gliss Kur wonder serum spray in September and even though I can’t find that exact product anymore anywhere, I find that this leave-in spray does the job just as well. Another first for me is liking a hairspray. I hate hairspray. With a passion. Until I tried this. It is quite expensive but it’s the first hairspray that is non-sticky, isn’t too shiny and gives my hair all it needs in one go: lift, volume, control and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

5.) Bodycare

Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel
Sabon Creamy Scrub Camomile Vanilla

On to two products that I did get around to reviewing this year. And one of them is a longstanding favorite. Lush’ Flying Fox shower gel has been a favorite for years. One that I keep repurchasing and even for this picture I only had an empty bottle around. That’s how much I love this. You can find a full review by clicking here. Finally I also found a great scrub earlier this year. Unfortunately Sabon is no longer in my town, but I still have a bit left to last me this winter. Then I’m going to have to go on the hunt for some more. Apart from an amazing smell, this scrub is also nice and gentle, which is how I like my scrubs. A full review can be found here.

6.) Lipbalm

Sorefix lipbalm

To finish I cannot withheld this amazing lipbalm. It has been a true lifesaver in the past few months. I am prone to getting cold sores and this has been amazing at keeping it at bay and once I have one to keep my lips moisturized and make it disappear asap. It has a very medicinal smell to it, but I guess that’s why it works! Also works well on extremely dry and chapped lips.

What are your 2014 favorites?

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  1. My 2014 favorite is by far my American Cream Conditioner from Lush. I love it because it makes my hair soft and it smells like a strawberries and vanilla. And by the way, nice post!

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