Rimmel Apocalips Lips Velvet Matte in Meteoric Matte

On my most recent trip to London, I found myself in Superdrug and found that Rimmel do a new version of their Apocalips liquid lipsticks. I haven’t seen these in Holland yet, but I thought these would still be worth a share. There was only one color that grabbed my attention. So meet Rimmel Apocalips Matte in Meteoric Matte.

Rimmel Apolalips Lip Velvet Matte Meteoric Matte

Officially, this product is called the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet Matte. The range of colors available isn’t too large, so I found it hard to pick a color that would add something to my collection. There are your standard nudes and reds and I believe there was a pink too, but the only one that stood out to me was this berry shade. I bought this at Superdrug and in the UK this lipstick retails for 6.49 pounds.

Just like the regular Apocalips lipsticks, the Matte versions are a liquid lipstick. It looks like a lipgloss at first glance, but once you apply it you will get an opaque layer of color. Once dried, most of these liquid lipsticks take quite a bit of effort to remove. Even when they wear down, they leave a stain which you have to remove with waterproof eye make up remover after a full day. So if you’re interested in longwearing lip colors, this is definitely worth a shot.

The packaging is similar to the regular Apocalips too, but the letters and matte finish of the container show you this is a different version of the same product. Once opened, you will find a doe foot applicator, with a little bit of a space at the bottom through which the product is dispensed. The idea is that you simply swipe this over your lips and you’re good to go.

As you can see in the picture above, there is quite a bit of product on the applicator. So I was curious to see how that would go once I would apply this to my lips. My bottom lip is usually no problem to get a nice and neat line, but my upper lip is. Also, of course, I was curious to see how matte this product would be and what the color would really be like. Looking at the product on the applicator the shade is a deep berry color, which is what I was hoping for when I bought this.

Left: first applied. Right: after 5 minutes of setting

The color is as you can see, that deep berry shade I was hoping for. The shade is also perfectly opaque and the liquidy texture is something I always have to get used to. The applicator applies quite a bit of product, which leads to the little blobs of product to the sides and you can see that the more thickly applied, the longer the lipstick needs to set and dry to its final finish. The final finish isn’t one I think is fully matte. There is still a hint of a satin finish to it. You can also see at the bottom of the swatch that the product does feather out a little bit, so it if you experience that lipsticks feather on you easily, you may have to go in with a lip liner beforehand.

On my lips, this looks really good, but I did find it hard to get a neat application done. I felt with this, that I needed to get the shape right on the first try, because going back in would mean a thick blob of product and mistakes are not easily corrected. The shape of the applicator is however nice and I was able to use it to draw in my top lip quite accurately with it. Since there is so much product on the applicator, it was difficult to be very precise around my cupid’s bow and upper lip though.

Full face, I think the color suits me. I like wearing deeper berry shades in fall and winter mostly and with a simple make up, like the one I’m wearing here, it can lift the complete look. From a distance, the not so precise application on my top lip doesn’t bother me very much. And the semi-satin-matte finish is very flattering on. Especially with a color like this, a fairly matte finish has my preference, but I don’t think I’d like this type of finish with a more nude color. Of course, that all depends on personal taste.

Overall, this lipstick has a few pros, but also a few cons. The color is great and the product is nicely pigmented. The fact that too much product is one the applicator makes it a tad difficult to work with, but I’m thinking that if I were to first dab off the excess on a tissue or the back of my hand, I would be able to forgo that problem. It lasts long and is a sucker to remove as a result. But the color lasts all day and I can wear this to work without worrying about touch ups.

What is your opinion of liquid lipsticks?

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