What I Eat #21

It’s only been 2 months since I last showed an overview of what I’ve been eating, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of cooking and so I have a few meals to show you again. No breakfasts this time, but I already told you everything about my daily breakfast last week. Most of it was again fairly healthy and I was sick for about a week, but I also indulged on pizza and McDonald’s…

Sugar & wheat free banana bread, sweetened with bananas.
Added some raspberries & dark chocolate pieces for good measure.
Recipe here

Snack time! I am still loving hot chocolate, but I’ve taken to making a less decadent version than this.
I just add some coconut blossom sugar to sweeten it up.
And yes, that is a rice cake with peanut butter and banana at the bottom.

Since it’s winter I’m not too keen on smoothies. Too cold!
But I still have them on the odd day here and there.
I am loving the beetroot one my mom tipped me about (right picture).
Recipe: cooked beetroot, frozen raspberries, yoghurt, blend!

Snack wise I’m still trying to make things a bit more healthy.
At the top you see a brownie with raspberry with goat’s cheese swirl.
Would you believe these were made with black beans instead of flour?
Bottom picture is a new variation on the breakfast muffins.

For dinner I made some risotto, but I like taking leftovers with me to work for lunch lately.
Another work lunch: gluten free crackers with homemade hummus and alfalfa.

My new favorite way of eating salad: salad wraps!
You take a head of lettuce, take of a leaf as carefully as possible, fill it up with goodies, fold it and you’re done!
Top is pesto chicken with veggies, below is salmon with cream cheese, sprouts and some other random veggies.

I’m still big on eggs. I have eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner at least once a week.
They’re a quick, easy, yet satisfying meal.
Top: omelet with spinach & bell pepper, Bottom left: omelet with spinach mushrooms and goat’s cheese, Bottom right: fried eggs with mushrooms, goat’s cheese and mayo.

Pizza! I crave fast food once every 4 – 6 weeks and so I do give in from time to time. I had pizza in early December and Mc Donald’s the other day (not pictured). I regretted both, the pizza especially. I felt sick for the rest of the weekend.
I made a quick and easy pasta with cream, ham and lots of veggies. I used Kamut spaghetti for a change.

I made a courgette & mint soup for dinner with friends for New Year’s Eve.
It’s a recipe by Jamie Oliver and not as healthy as it looks or sounds.
I also had some meat & veggie combos of which I only snapped these two. Veggies are the same: roasted sweet potato & broccoli. Meats are chicken leg and pork sausage (both organic).

Red lentil soup with pumpkin and red bell pepper. Lentil soup is quickly becoming a fave.
It’s quick, it’s cheap and super easy to make.
I like adding extra veggies and some coconut milk for extra flavor and texture.

Not as healthy perhaps as some of my other renditions of this post, but I like keeping it real. I’m still working on cutting down on sugar mainly and I’ve taken to cooking and baking something on Sunday morning and then clean up all the dishes. I hope by baking my own snacks to take with me to work, I can forego the stores at the train station to beat that late afternoon lull. So far, so good.

What have you been eating?

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