Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks On the Pink Side of Life & Rose-Mantic Nights

Lipsticks didn’t used to be my thing. I was more of an eyeshadow girl. Until I figured out that a good lipstick can make or break your entire make up look. I love wearing different shades and experimenting with them to see what suits me best. So when Catrice renewed their line for spring/ summer 2015 and I saw they had come out with two new lipstick shades, I decided to purchase them and see whether they would suite me. Meet On the Pink Side of Life and Rose-Mantic Nights.

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks On the Pink Side of Life & Rose-Mantic Nights

The two lipsticks are both from the Ultimate Colour line and like I said new to the collection. Each lipstick retails for €3.99 at local drugstores in Europe. The two shades look very similar at a first glance, but as you will see in the swatches below, these both look very differently when worn on the lips. And not only that, their availability is also different. On the Pink Side of Life is available from any store that sells Catrice, whereas Rose-Mantic Nights is only available from stores that carry the larger, 2 meter Catrice display.

The Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks are some of my favorite drugstore lipsticks for two reasons: they have a good color pay off and it has an interesting shade range. They have a creamy texture, but there are also some matte shades in the range. These two shades are of the creamy variety and come in what looks like a rosy pink and a peachy coral shade. Here’s what Catrice has to say about the Ultimate Colour line:

Highly-pigmented, rich shades with perfect coverage and shine, plus a smooth, creamy and long-lasting texture: color at its most beautiful – that lasts for hours.

Perfect coverage, rich shades, smooth with a shiny creamy texture that is long-lasting. That is quite the list. Now I know from previous purchases that most of this holds true but there are some differences between different shades. Let’s see how these two hold up.

The newest additions to the line come in the quintessential black packaging. This is something that Catrice does well. If you’d say this is a drugstore product and you didn’t know it is the case, the sleek black packaging may fool you into thinking these are more expensive then they actually are. The lid closes tightly and I find that these lipsticks do not open up suddenly in your bag either. It is good, sturdy packaging.

The bullets themselves are cut at a point. This I prefer over a rounded edge as it makes it easier to apply the lipstick to your cupid’s bow and around the edges. I can apply these lipsticks without using a separate lip brush, straight from the bullet, even on a moving train. A nice touch is the embossed brand name on the lipstick itself. Very reminiscent of YSL, Dior and Chanel, which again adds that tough of luxury.

Like I said I picked up two different shades. No. 390 On the Pink Side of Life looks like a rose colored pink and no. 400 Rose-Mantic Nights looks like a peachy coral with a hint of pink to it. Both shades looked promising enough in the tube that I wished to try both of them. I was afraid Rose-Mantic Nights would be a tad too light for me, as brighter, more outspoken shades such as On the Pink Side of Life suit me much better.

Left: Rose-Mantic Nights. Right: On the Pink Side of Life

Swatches do not lie. Yes, these go on opaque. Yes, they have a creamy texture, but the shades I find do not live up to the way they look in the tube. Rose-Mantic Nights is in fact much more lighter and pink that I had expected judging from just looking at it. On the other hand, on the Pink Side of Life is much more coral than a rose toned pink. These are still very pretty shades though, but of course the real test of any lipstick is how they look and last on the lips.

Top: Rose-Mantic Nights. Bottom: On the Pink Side of Life

My lips are a tad weird when it comes to lipstick colors. I need super opaque lipsticks as my natural lips are quite dark and shine through lighter shades very easily. My natural lips also have a very purple undertone which shines through most light to nude colored lipsticks which makes me look dead quite quickly. As you can see both of these lipsticks appear to not be opaque on my lips in a close up. However, when looking at them from a distance this is no longer visible. Both lipsticks tend to accentuate fine lines on your lips, but again from a distance this disappears. On my lips Rose-Mantic Nights turns out to be a pink toned nude and On the Pink Side of Life suddenly seems much more pink again.

Left: Rose-Mantic Nights. Right: On the Pink Side of Life

The full effect becomes apparent in full face pictures. Rose-Mantic Nights is, as you can see, a very pale color on me and almost ‘concealer’ aka the ‘face-of-death’ like on me. I say almost, because I think this lipstick can still serve its purpose when wearing heavy smokey eyes or when I want to simply go for something less bold. On the Pink Side of Life is my favorite of the two. The pinky coral shade it turns out to be on my lips is flattering with my complexion and this is a perfect every day spring lipstick for me. I find that Rose-Mantic Nights disappears more quickly and wears less nicely on my lips than On the Pink Side of Life, which lasts a good 4 hours and gently fades into nothingness.

In short, these lipsticks do what they promise to do. I do not find them super longwearing: after a meal I would like to touch up. Especially Rose-Mantic Nights is a shade that is not necessarily my cup of tea. If it were a tad more pink it would suit me a lot better, but as I described, I can still see this lipstick serve its purpose. Of these two, you should try getting your hands on On the Pink Side of Life. I think this shade will suit many different people and be a perfect spring lip color addition for any make up collection.

What do you think of these two lipsticks?

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