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I enjoy fashion from all different periods of time. Whether it’s current day minimalist fashions or Dior A-line dresses from the 50s: I like discovering fashion from all eras to get some inspiration. I am not a big collector of vintage or vintage inspired pieces, but I certainly have plenty of items in my closet that would fall into that category. I thought it might be fun to dive into my wardrobe and see what vintage inspired gems are hiding in there. Today, we’re starting off with shoes.

Black & white strapped heels (Sacha)

Now in this collection there is only one actual vintage pair of shoes. All the other ones I feature were bought brand new from stores in the past 10 years or so. This pair is the newest pair. I have had this pair of shoes for 2 years now I believe. The black and white monochrome features already make this a classic, but what makes it more vintage inspired are the strappy details on the back. The straps form an almost art deco inspired design and even though the heel of this shoe is too high for a true vintage look, these shoes make any dress you wear them with look more period appropriate.

Bronze low heeled shoe (Bronx)

This bronze number I picked up on sale when I was still a student. I don’t wear these often and was on the verge of chucking them when I found out these shoes go perfectly with a 1920s look. The heel is very low: these shoes are almost flat, the wide buckled strap and rounded off toes make this a shoe that I brought out when I decided to dress up as a 1920s flapper girl for my friend’s vintage party a few years ago.

Pointed houndstooth printed strapped mary janes (Sacha)

This is my favorite 50s pair of shoes. The print is on point, as is the shape of the shoe and the heel height. The pointed toe make this a bit more modern, but paired with a 50s inspired shirt dress and the right hair and make up, these shoes fit just right. I bought these shoes when I was working my first teaching job, so I must have had them for 8 years or so.

Black & white t-bar strap mary janes (Manfield)

Now these shoes have also been paired with a vintage look I created for one of my friend’s parties, but this time it was a 1940s look. Again, in the 40s, heels weren’t too high, rounded toes were a must, as were t-bar straps. Now as with all of the shoes I’ve showed you up until now, I didn’t buy these because I thought they would be perfect for a vintage look. I already had them and when I did my research for period appropriate attire, I found out I had all the right pieces.

Burgundy loafers (Vintage)

Now on to the piece-de-resistance: my burgundy beat up loafers. These shoes are actually vintage. How do I know? A) I picked up them in a vintage shop in London (called Blitz near Brick Lane). B) When I took out the insoles the shoes turned out to be made in West-Germany. West-Germany ceased to exist in 1989, so these shoes are definitely vintage. They are insanely comfortable and I wear them quite a lot in spring and autumn. I pair these with dresses and skirts mostly and I always get questions when I wear them.

Do you own any vintage pieces (real or inspired)? If so, what is your favorite style period?

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