Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow

Some of my favorite drugstore eyeshadows? The Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows are very high on that list. You know a product is a favorite if you buy not one but 7 of them. Not all in one go though. I bought two when they originally launched and then I bought a few of the new colors that were added as the range changed. By now I have everything from a white shimmery highlight to a deep petrol color. These are the shades I have.

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow

But wait, didn’t you say 7 shades. Yes, 7. You can see the 7th shade below. I already planned this article out months ago and then spotted a stunning champagne color in the renewed Catrice range. Rather than giving that it’s own blog post, I decided to combine it all into one. I will link to looks that I have created using some of these shades as much as I can. The newest addition to the collection will be featured in a new make up look post which will be online some time next week.

When it comes to the Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows there isn’t much I don’t love about them. They are gorgeously pigmented, shiny (like liquid metal, doh) and the color selection is very nice. Some shades look standard at first, but then you swatch them and they turn out to be something great. The pans are small, flat and easy to store and the see through lid, makes for easy browsing in your make up collection. They last long, create a little bit of fall out, but there is no overspray: what you see is what you get. Oh and did I mention these retail for €3.99 a piece?

010 Look me in the Ice

One of the first Liquid Metal shades I purchased was Look me in the Ice: a frosty looking white shade. This eyeshadow has a silvery sheen to it, which adds to its frosty look. That’s a feature of all of these shades: they are shimmery to the max. I use this shade most to do some inner corner highlighting and I used it in this make up look.

120 Satina van der Woodsen

The latest shade I bought is Satina van der Woodsen. This light champagne gold color seems not so opaque at first, but this is very pretty as a sheer wash of color all over the lid. I find it is a very good basic to have in a collection as it goes with anything. It is subtle enough to add a bit of shine to any matte make up look and the color is neutral enough to put it with pretty any other shade you own.

020 Gold N’ Roses

Gold N’ Roses is one of the more special shades in the line. It took me a while before I decided to buy it. This rose shade has a golden sheen to it, which is very flattering, yet also more difficult to pair. I don’t wear this as often as I thought it should as in some lights it pulls quite pink. Pink on the eyes can be very pretty, or it can be a complete disaster and make you look like you’ve cried too much. For me, this shade sometimes does the latter.

040 Under Treasure

Taupe! Gorgeous taupe. If there is one eyeshadow shade I love most it is taupe so I picked up Under Treasure before I picked up any of the other shades. This shade is a true grey/ brown mixture which makes it a great staple for me. It is dark enough to create a more defined look, but is light enough to go onto the eyelid without making it look like you were punched in the face. I am wearing it in this make up look.

070 Gold Leaf Me

Unfortunately this shade is no longer available, but it is one of my favorites in the range. This olive green color is infused with a golden sheen that is out of this world. This shade is fairly dark. On me, this can easily be used to create a stunning green smokey eye with a bit of added interest. I haven’t used it in a look recently, but now that I am seeing this picture again, I know I have to bring this out more often.

100 What do you Sea?

Is it blue or is it green? This teal color is almost a deep petrol shade and it was introduced I think a year ago now. It is again fairly dark as you can see in this make up look where I am wearing it together with Under Treasure. I love using this in the crease and outer V. I have an eyeliner that matches this shade exactly, also by Catrice, so I love pairing those together as well.

110 Underworld Evobluetion

The last shade I own is a deep royal blue shade with a similar toned reflect. This shade looks stunning in the pan and stunning in the swatch: it is one of the darkest shades in this line and absolutely goes on smoothly. I love wearing this when I am in the mood for a bit of blue and dark blues suit my eye shade the best. Lately, blues have not been my favorite thing in the world, but I did promise myself to use more colors in 2015 and so I think this shade will help me to keep that promise.

Top: Look me in the Ice, Gold N’ Roses, Under Treasure,
Gold Leaf Me, What do you Sea, Underworld EvobluetionBottom: Satina van der Woodsen

Last but not least, I thought I’d show you swatches of these shadows. The lighter colors may seem sheer but they are buildable and on those the metallic effect is the strongest. These make for a great pairing with a cream shadow or to amp up more neutral looks whereas the darker shades work perfectly as the star of their own show.

What do you think of the Liquid Metal eyeshadows by Catrice?

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