My favorite eyeshadow colors for spring

This coming Saturday will be the official start of spring and I can’t wait for the weather to turn and get some sunshine in my life. In any case, I figured this would be a good opportunity to do a spring series in which I show you some of my favorite spring make up, happy spring songs, spring fashion trends as well as my favorite salads. Today I’m starting the series by showing you my favorite spring eyeshadows.

The minute the sun starts to peep out more often, the colors I like using change. From burgundy and taupe, I opt for bronze browns, corals, rosy pinks, purples and blues. Most of my favorite spring eyeshadow shades are in some of my palettes, so I will be showing you which ones I like and say a bit about why I like them. I will link to looks wherever I can.

MAC Paradisco
Catrice Liquid Metal Satine van der WoodsenMAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Copper

First there are these four single shadows. Two of them are creams as I love wearing cream eyeshadows in spring and summer. They are easy to use, make either for a great base shade or as a stand alone: I often simply wear some cream shadow and let that be that. Rubenesque is a stunning peach shade, and I you can see the Max Factor shade on my lids this coming Saturday. MAC’s Paradisco is not a shade I see many people use, but this peachy coral shade, combined with MAC’s Expensive Pink is a stunning shade for spring. I am wearing that combo in the look I posted last year. And you know how much I love that Catrice shade by now right?

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101

I listed this palette as part of my favorite eyeshadows for fall as well, but this palette can just as easily be used for spring when you use it to make a lighter look. Depending on what you pair this with, the shadows can pull more pink than purple and for spring, a rosy pink flush across the eyelid is to me super stunning. I made a more fall/ smokey look with this palette when I first reviewed it, but as you will see next Saturday this palette is also perfect for lighter, spring make up.

NARS Isolde

This eyeshadow duo features two perfect brown shades for spring. Come spring time, I also like my browns to be brighter rather than dark. A bronze/ brown shadow is therefore perfect in my book. The deeper shade here can be perfectly used to deepen up the crease, whereas the lighter shade would be pretty all over the lid or on the lower lashline. I can see myself pairing this with Paradisco, which I showed you above.


Wet N Wild Color I-Con in Petal Pusher

Apart from rosy shades, when it comes to wearing actual color, spring is perfect to bring out some purples. I wouldn’t wear all the shades here as some of them are too dark for it to be a wearable and fun spring make up look, but definitely the brighter purple shades are spring favorites. I created a look when I first got this almost three years ago. In the swatch below, you can find the eyelid and definer shades from the left column. From the column on the right hand side I swatched the browbone and eyelid shade.

Urban Decay Naked 3

Remember I said I like rosy shades in spring time? Now I cannot think of a single eyeshadow palette better equipped to suit those needs than the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I haven’t written much about this palette. I simply never got round to writing a review when I first bought this palette, but it is one of my favorite neutral eyeshadow palettes, precisely because it’s neutral but different. Out of the 3 Urban Decay palettes this is not my most used one, but it’s definitely more special. Let me know whether you’d like me to show you some looks I created using this.

Inglot Pearl 429

In this case, again, the entire palette is perfect for spring, but there is really only one shade that I would like to highlight for you today. It is the light, shimmery lavender shade in the bottom row. It is the second from the left and it is the most stunning light blue shade with a hint of purple thrown in. I love wearing this in spring/ summer and I am wearing it in this make up look. It is bright and complements my brown eyes perfectly.

Sephora & Pantone 2012 limited eyeshadow palette

In 2012, I went to the States and found this stunning looking eyeshadow palette. I have hardly use it since as I am not too stocked on the quality of the shadows. However, there are one or two shades in this palette why I can’t get myself to get rid of it. I’m talking about the mint green shade in the second row from the top, almost at the right hand side of the palette and the shade not directly below it, but below that. I am wearing both shades in this make up look, which I made when I first reviewed this.

Top: MAC Paradisco, Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Copper, MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot,
Catrice Liquid Metal Satine van der Woodsen, Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette in 101 (x4), NARS Isolde (x2)
Bottom: Wet N Wild Color I-Con in Petal Pusher (x4), Urban Decay Naked 3: Trick, Liar, Burnout,
Inglot Pearl 429, Pantone 13-5313 & nameless.

I decided to make swatches for all of the shades I liked best, but since not all of the shadows have names, this may be a tad confusing. I only swatched the colors from the Wet N Wild palette that I would use for a spring make up look. From the Pantone palette I only swatched two shades. As you can see all these colors are stunning, well pigmented and apart from a few most of them would go together. If you’re curious to see how I would combine some of these, then stay tuned as I have a look using some of these eyeshadows coming up on Saturday.

What is your favorite eyeshadow for spring?

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