Spring fashion trends from my closet

I tend to believe I am not all that sensitive to trends when it comes to fashion. However, when I looked at what is ‘dictated’ as the current trends and then went into my closet to see what I had lying about, I found I can easily tie in with 10 spring 2015 fashion trends without having to purchase anything new. In other words: no new clothes needed. These are the trends I have lying about in my closet.

Trend #1: Sporty look

Grey t-shirt (H&M)
Baseball jacket (H&M)
Leigh jeans light wash with knee rips (Topshop)Black converse

One trend that has been around for some time is sportswear. Sportswear makes for a quick and casual outfit. I don’t happen to own any sporty pieces that could be styled up to make them look dressier, but the ones that I do have, are perfect for a casual outfit. A baseball jacket or varsity sweater paired with cut up jeans: it couldn’t get more casual than that!

Trend #2: Shirt dresses

Trend #3: Yellow

Shirt dress with pastel khaki pleated skirt (Mint & Berry via Zalando)
Yellow shirt dress (H&M)

The reason why all I have to do is scour my closet, and not go out and buy new stuff, is because I have so much lying about. Both of these dresses tie in with one or even two trends at the same time and I have had both for more than 2 years now. The Mint & Berry dress was quite a feat to get my hands on. I first received the wrong one, but got the replacement at a discount. The pastel shades make it perfect for spring and I love the retro vibe. The skirt is also a midi length which taps into another trend. The lemon yellow dress from H&M is one of the very few yellow pieces I own. Yellow is not the most flattering color on me, but when it is a such a fresh color as this one, it somehow works.

Trend #4: Khaki

Trend #5: Gingham

Khaki button down (ZARA)
Gingham print skirt (ZARA)

Khaki is apparently one of the IT colors for spring/ summer. I happen to own very few khaki items. But this shirt was love at first sight. That’s why it is also so very much wrinkled: I wear this a lot. This blouse is quite structured which makes it great for wearing during cooler weather. It is made of a thicker material which makes this a very versatile piece to wear. And I love button down shirts for spring. Another trend is gingham print and I just so happen to have this skirt lying about. Yep, also ZARA, and this item too was love at first sight. It has that near mini length and thus super appropriate for spring.

Trend #6: Red floral prints

Trend #7: All denim

Navy and red poppy print shirt dress with ties on the back (Urban Outfitters)
Denim playsuit (Forever 21)

Another print that was prominent on catwalks is red floral prints. And again, all I had to do was look in my closet to find something. This dress ALSO happens to be a shirt dress and this has a full button down front from top to bottom. It has another one of those retro cuts I love so much and this item was an absolute steal too: I found it on sale for 15 pounds. All denim is another trend, but I find that wearing double denim isn’t something I am a big fan of. So I thought, what other way to wear all denim? By wearing a denim playsuit of course, and I had just the one lying about in my closet. This piece is a summer staple, especially when I attend a festival!

Trend #8: White lace

White lace dress with sweetheart neckline and triple straps (Urban Outfitters)

The feminine touch is not neglected this spring. Lace, and especially in a white color, is another spring trend that I think will be a nice one to wear. This dress will also be a great staple for summer. It has that lingerie vibe to it because of the sweetheart neckline and multiple straps. And it was another steal: this was on sale for only 10 pounds.

Trend #9: Navy

Navy & floral print boxy shirt (Urban Outfitters)

A color that is totally on trend for spring is navy. Compared to the other on trend colors: white, yellow, red and khaki, this color is perhaps the most unusual. I usually wear navy during fall. However, I happen to own this boxy button down shirt that is definitely spring appropriate. From the floral print to the fact that is has short sleeves: this will definitely be a piece I am busting out this season.

Trend #10: Boho chic in blush colors

  Boho blouse with knotted closure, bell sleeves, and ruffled collar (Asos)

Boho has been on trend for some years, but what is different about it this year is that it is favored in blush colors. This nude shirt is not a staple piece in my wardrobe and I only wore it a handful of times. The reason why I kept it, is because I thought it would be a unique piece that I would want to bust out some time again, even if only for a fancy dress. With that being said though, it also goes perfectly with a 70s boho chic vibe.

What spring fashion trends would you like to start wearing?

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