Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner

Happy King’s Day to all my fellow Dutchies! Today is a national holiday in The Netherlands and instead of making  a novelty King’s Day look for the occasion (I’m not really celebrating), I decided to have a normal make up review up. This time I’m rounding up my series of different liquid liners. I tried out the Essence and L’Oreal ones so far. And today I’ll be telling you more about the Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in black and forest brown.

Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner Black & Forest Brown

The Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner looks just like the competition. They are felt tip pen eyeliners that promise easy application of a bulletproof black eyeliner look. These are little bit cheaper than L’Oreal, yet quite a bit more expensive than the Essence one, as they retail for €8.99 each. It is available in two different colors: black and brown and I have both.

Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in black and forest brown

A felt tip eyeliner doesn’t have the snazziest or fanciest packaging. It is simple and streamlined. It comes with a lid that closes easily and I find that these don’t dry out easily. Which is a plus because felt tip eyeliner are notorious for drying out quickly. And it’s a shame if a product costs nearly 10 euros for you to only be use it a few times.

The tip of these eyeliners is thin and reminds me of the shape of kajal eyeliners. The point is very fine and thus makes for easy application. The base is a bit wide and I find the tip to be very nicely saturated with product. I can use this easily to sort of  ‘stamp’ on the line first before drawing on a line. It is also easy to draw on a wing. I think of the three types I have tried so far, this eyeliner makes it easiest to make the perfect cat eye winged eyeliner.

Color no. one is black. Standard, basic, black. For a long time, felt tip eyeliners were only available in this color, but black is not really my favorite eyeliner color. It is stark and harsh looking to me and on me, I find it too much often times. When I were black eyeliner, I usually try to make the thinnest line possible and hardly ever wing it out.

Color no. two is forest brown. Brown felt tip eyeliners are rare. I believe Maybelline may be the only ones that do them that do not necessarily break the bank. However, brown is my favorite eyeliner shade as it is softer and suits me better. Also with other types of eyeliner such as gel or pencil ones, do I usually opt for brown over any other shade.

Swatched next to each other you can clearly see the difference. The brown is a lot more warm toned than the black and thus I am wearing the black with more cool toned looks and smokey eyes and for my warmer toned looks I grab the brown. As you can see, they are both opaque in one stroke and saturated with color. Where the L’Oreal one tends to bleed on me, these ones do not.

I used the black eyeliner in a rosy toned smokey eye. I only pressed the color against the roots of my lashes to create a fine, thin line. There is still a bit of a gap in the middle, but that is due to my eyeliner skills rather than the product. A line like this literally takes only a few seconds to make and like I said you can simply stamp on the line.

The brown version looks almost black in these pictures and also in another look in which I used it. The color difference between the two can only really be seen when you swatch them side by side. On the eye, the brown is so dark and full of color that it is almost indistinguishable from black. And yet, I love this one the most. I wear it most often, as I find it suits me better than the black.

As you can see in these pics it is easy to draw on a wing and make it subtle. Also if you want to create a full on cat eye, this eyeliner will serve your purposes as I find that these work well for that too. They do not run out of ink after doing one eye (my pet peeve about the Essence liner), they do not bleed or stain and with a matte eyeshadow underneath these will stay all day. Favorite eyeliner of them all? Most definitely!

What is your favorite liquid eyeliner?

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