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If there is one shade that is perfect for the upcoming summer months it has to be coral. But despite it being such a great color that can brighten up any look, I find it is also very limited when it comes to what make up products it applies to. I have plenty of coral lipsticks, but when it comes to eyeshadow it is a trickier color to lay your hands on. Here are 10 ideas for when you wish to bust out a bit of coral to warm up those summer months.

The biggest challenge when dealing with corals is that there isn’t just one type of coral. Some corals are more orange, others are more pink, and corals can even have red and brown undertones. So finding a coral that suits you can be a difficult job. But once you do you’ll have that perfect lip color, perfect nail color, perfect blush color and a potentially perfect eyeshadow shade. Swatches of all products can be found at the bottom of the post.

Soap & Glory Guavarama

When I first spotted this lipstick I was hoping it would be a nice neutral. In the tube this looks like a pinky/ brown nude. But swatched this is more like a deeper coral shade. It is one of those shades that can go with any make up look.

Zoeva Luxe Color Blush He Loves Me, Maybe

A matte coral blush is a perfect way to brighten up your face, without overdoing it. Since it is matte it makes for a good color to pair with a contour and separate highlight. This one in particular is super pigmented so a little goes a long way.

MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Ravishing

One of my first MAC lipsticks was Ravishing. By now I do not wear it all that often anymore, but I still pull it out every so often. This shade shows you that coral has many different faces. In the swatch below, you can see that this is a bit more brown toned than the rest.

MAC Paradisco

The only eyeshadow in the bunch is this one by MAC. Coral eyeshadow is not easy to find. Especially not one that is highly pigmented and goes with a lot of different other colors. My favorite way to wear this is as an overall lid shade with a darker shade in the crease.

Topshop Macaroon

Probably my favorite coral lipstick is this one by Topshop. Yes, Topshop doesn’t just sell clothes, they also do make up and some of it is really nice. This lipstick in one of my favorites. It has a nearly matte finish and stays on pretty much all day.

Benefit Coralista

On to the star of the show, or in any case my favorite coral colored product: Benefit’s Coralista blush. If you do not own a coral blush yet, then you will need this in your life. I go through phases using this, but when I do, it’s the only thing I’ll wear. I’m not kidding if I say that I suspect to be hitting pan on this some time soon.

MAC Watch Me Simmer

I remember this MAC lipstick getting tons of hype when it was launched. I remember loving it about as much. By now, it is not a lipstick I wear very much anymore. I honestly cannot tell you why. Because the shade it gorgeous. Writing this post has helped me to remember that I should bust this baby out more often.

Guavarama – Ravishing – Macaroon – Watch Me Simmer
Coralista – He Loves Me Maybe – Paradisco

Time for swatches! First there’s the lipsticks, then the blushes and then the last one is the eyeshadow. As you can see, all of these products have great color pay off and they reach from matte to shimmery and from brownish to orange and pinky toned corals.

China Glaze Surreal Appeal
OPI Cozumelted in the Sun
Essie Cute as a Button

But that’s only 7 products so far. There’s also 3 nail polishes I’d like to share with you. There’s two that are very similar. China Glaze and Essie are almost the same color. But Surreal Appeal is a tad more orange than Cute as a Button. Cozumelted in the Sun is a sheer shimmery color that is very pretty in the summer months over a more neutral nail polish.

Do you have any favorite coral make up products? If so, what are they?

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