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Time to show you what I’ve been up to these past few months. March and April are always my busiest months out of the year so I didn’t have too much time to be taking pictures. So since posting the last edition of this overview of my life in pictures, lots has happened and I did quite a few fun things. Here’s an overview and a peek into my personal life at the same time.

I decided to try my hand at some more extreme make up techniques. Sometimes I just love playing around with my make up and in this instance I combined a very defined ‘Instagram’ brow with a sharp contour, bold eyes and I tried out a red ombre lip. A bit much going on of course, but I quite liked the result, even though it is a bit much for every day.

If you know me, you’ll know I went to a few concerts. The first one I went to was Toro Y Moi at Melkweg in Amsterdam. It was an okay show. The music was great but the light person didn’t really know how to do his job it seemed.

I got back onto my reading kick with the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. I now have a bit of a crush on William Herondale as a result. But from what I gather plenty of people who read this series suffer the same result.

Why am I showing you my dirty dishes? Well, because this stands for a 5 course meal I threw for some friends. They luckily helped me to clean up all of this though and the food was delicious. So it was a good time. It was such a good time that I forgot to take any other pictures.

After that I spend a week with a bad cold and also during these past few weeks I was also quite tired. Lots of things happened in my personal life that greatly affected me, but I will not be writing about that until I feel ready. That’s why I spent time on the couch watching the Sherlock series. Nothing like a bit of Sherlock to take your mind off of things.

Just outside my office there are a bunch of chickens that roam the streets. Sometimes they decide to scour the grass outside my window. There is a rooster that loves to make a lot of noise, which is just grant when you’re trying to focus on preparing classes.

Breakfast time! I love how fresh berries are becoming a bit more affordable again. Raspberries and blueberries are becoming part of my regular food intake again. I can’t wait for summer when there will be peaches and many other fruits I love.

These trees were in full bloom right outside my office building. How pretty!

I saw MØ live and it was a blast!

I got more serious about my work outs again. I have now added a regular weight lifting workout and I picked up Body Combat classes again.

I saw an exhibition on fashion ranging from Jane Austen times till the early 1900s. I got in for free with a voucher from Harper’s Bazaar!

I have been spending quite a bit of time traveling back and forth to my parents which means I get to spend plenty of quality time with our family dog. Meet Takkie.

Finally days are getting brighter! Sunshine on my way home from work.

There have also been some great deals at the drugstore. So I stocked up on SPF. With a festival and a 3 week vacation ahead of me, it will be very much needed and come in handy.

I slowly but surely am making my way on a creative project. I did something similar last year, but since I had more time then, it went a lot faster. When I was sick in March I decided to spend some more time going through old magazines and finding the things I find inspirational.

I recorded a spring shoplog in April and I am currently gathering pieces that will be perfect for summer. But before that will be up, I will be making sure to continue making lookbooks with some of the pieces I showed you in this video. The next one will be up on Friday.

I watched 3 seasons of House of Cards. Whenever I’m super busy and on the verge of getting stressed I love escaping in TV series, movies and books.

Highlight of my year so far! My trip to England to see my friend Alison. I posted a shoplog of the trip yesterday and my travel report went online last week.

The final concert I saw during this period was Purity Ring. The lights were mesmerizing and it was a great show. Next up will be Nils Frahm and Astronautalis this next week.

And wah! Make up less me. But it’s not about my face, it’s about the hair! I got my hair cut in March. It was high time for a spruce up and this was my hair just after I got home from the hair dressers. I can never get it to look like this again.

That’s what I’ve been up to these past 2 months or so. What about you?

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