What I Eat #23

Time to show you what I’ve been eating again. I have been spending quite some time in my kitchen again these past few weeks and I’ve been cooking up a storm. Mainly because I’ve decided it is time for me to make some healthier choices again. I find that making my own food and snacks is best if I want to be healthier, because that way I always know exactly what I’m putting in my mouth. So far so good, but I also know I have to keep this up for a little while longer so I feel right on top again.

Cauliflower pizza

I made my favorite dish again: cauliflower pizza. This time with mushrooms and tomato and lots of cheese.


I have been having yoghurt and porridge quite a few mornings again. I love the fact that berries are more easily available again and so I treated myself to blueberries a few times. Nothing beats a fresh blueberry (or any other berry for that matter). I also made some breakfast bars, but I will show you those again below.

Breakfast muffins

I made some breakfast muffins as well for a bit of a change up in my morning routine. I used blackberries in these and they were 100% yummy.


Lunchwise I’ve been sticking with salads and eggs mostly. Unless I am at work, because at work I usually heat up some leftovers and I then have a salad when I get home. I also very sneakily had corn bread with chocolate flakes the other day. I was craving bread, but had no condiments to supplement it and so I opted for something so-so bad, but oh so delicious.

This mozzarella salad was just outright delicious. I had this at work, as lunch and as dinner all throughout the week.


Flapjacks & breakfast bars

Sugar free banana bread

Apart from muffins I also did some more baking. I made some sugar free banana bread with lemon and raspberries. It turned out a bit soggy because of the lemon juice, but other than that it was very flavorsome and yummy. I made some flapjacks after trying them in the UK when I visited my friend and I made some breakfast bars (recipe still pending), which were super easy to make. All it is, is walnuts and shredded coconut with some bananas to sweeten and sugarless strawberry jam.


Of course I made some smoothies again. I’ve been loving making some of my favorites again. Pineapple raspberry, blueberry beetroot and pineapple spinach. So yummy and nutricious too. Can’t wait to try it with peaches again this week as that is one of my favorite fruits to put in a smoothie.


For dinner I’ve mostly been making quick and easy meals. I made some broccoli-lentil soup based off of this recipe. I simply used green lentils and exchanged all the other veggies for 2 heads of broccoli. Very very tasty indeed! My mom treated me to one of her specialty dishes when I visited a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but take a picture. I also had a very successful round of making pesto pasta and rosemary sweet potatoes with some salmon.

What have you been eating?

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