Random spring outfits

I love playing around with my outfits. Whether I go to work or out to lunch: I love putting an outfit together. And if you’ve seen my lookbooks, you’ll know I like my outfits to be on the quirky side. I love dresses, I love blouses, sweaters and cardigans and so they feature in my outfits on a regular basis. Here are a few outfits I have been wearing this spring.

Now spring this year has been very cold, windy and rainy. That’s why not every single outfit is super sunny looking. We had some pretty cold days, but also some filled with sunshine. So these outfits are about as random as it gets. You’ll notice an absence of heels and that’s because I only put them on at work. When I’m out and about I usually wear flats.

Burgundy sweater (H&M)
White button down (H&M)
Black skintight riding pants (H&M)
Black Chelsea boots (New Look)

Nearly this entire outfit is from H&M. It is no secret that I love the brand and that leads to my sometimes being decked out in nothing but H&M. I wore this outfit to work in March and is a true staple combination in my wardrobe. It features a sweater/ button down combo and I love the preppy vibe it gives.

Floral dress (Forever 21)
Cream cardigan (H&M)
Tan brogues (Ebay)

I love myself a good dress and in spring I love wearing florals. This red/ orange/ yellow number is bright and fun. I usually wear it with a cardigan, but if I wouldn’t you would find this dress has a super low cut back which gives it a little bit of edge.

Cream button down (Urban Outfitters)
Grey pinafore dress (Forever 21)
Silver snake skin print brogues (Asos)

Remember I said I like my outfits quirky? This would be one. From the pinafore dress to the silver brogues: the items themselves are normal enough, but put together you get an outfit with a hint of the unexpected. I love items that are seemingly very normal but then there is something that makes them a bit more special. This especially goes for the shoes, but the dress is of course not just any old dress too.

Red Wayfarers (RayBan)
White cropped blouse (H&M)
Black and white floral skater skirt (H&M)
Tan sandals (Primark)

The most recent outfit in the bunch is this one. I wore this yesterday when I went out for lunch. It was a beautiful day, and I was set on wearing the skirt. I scoured my wardrobe and wore this white blouse which I showed in my fashion haul which I posted in April. I am usually not a fan of baggy with baggy, but I felt it worked in this outfit.

Daisy print shift dress (River Island)
Black brogues (Primark)

Remember my love for floral dresses? Well that and sometimes bigger is simply better. Yellow isn’t usually a color I can pull off, but I really liked it in this dress. And the dress was also a super duper great deal as it was on sale when I bought it.

Rose & cream floral dress with lace bodice (New Look)
Cream cardigan (H&M)
Loafers (Primark)Tan belt (Primark)
Sunglasses (H&M)

This outfit I threw together on a whim and sometimes those are the best moments. I wanted to wear the dress because it was one of the first very nice days in a long time. So I paired it with some tan accessories and a neutral cardigan to ensure the pop of color. And yes, I matched my lipstick to my dress.

Fuzzy cardigan (River Island)
Black v-neck t-shirt (Forever 21)
Black petit Leigh jeans (Topshop)
Pointed ankle boots with snake skin detail (Invito)

The last outfit is not the most exciting, but sometimes I just want to be comfy. I wore this back in April when I had to go in to work on my day off because of scheduling issues. You can see some heels lying in the back which I wore with a different outfit. This cardigan is one of my favorites as it is a neutral color, but the design is different from anything else I own.

Are you an avid dress wearer like myself? Or are you more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal?

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