MAC Mehr matte lipstick & Soar lip pencil

Earlier this year, I drew up a massive MAC lipstick wish list. MAC is a brand I went on the hunt for until not too long ago, but this past year or so MAC had disappeared from my radar when it came to purchasing new products by them. But I saw so many shades pass by on blogs on Youtube that I decided to write down the shades that I thought I might like and check them out the first chance I’d get to visit a MAC counter. That visit was paid to the MAC counter in Selfridge’s and I came away with two products that weren’t on my wish list… (Am I the only person this happens to?).

MAC Mehr Matte lipstick
MAC Soar lip pencil

I decided to buy MAC Mehr Matte lipstick and Soar lip pencil. As I was browsing the beauty hall at Selfridge’s I had spotted the most gorgeous dark red lipstick at NARS so I decided against buying Diva for now, and when I tried MAC’s Please Me on my lips I found it a tad too light. Mehr look better on and I have decided that I need more lip liners in my life, so I asked the MUA who was helping me what lip pencil would go nicely with Mehr and she recommended Soar. So I took home the combo to try it and it has been my favorite lip these  past few weeks.

Fun fact: Lily Pebbles on Youtube was vlogging every day in May and in her vlog which I watched a week after I had bought this combo she mentioned having bought the exact same combo also at Selfridge’s. So this wasn’t a Lily Pebbles inspired purchase in case you also watch her videos and think that’s where I got the idea. I simply followed my own gut feeling and this is what came out.

MAC Matte lipstick in Mehr

Mehr is a matte lipstick which MAC describes as a dirty blue pink. It comes in the classic MAC bullet which is a bit of a you either hate it or you love it type packaging. The scent of this lipstick is like any MAC lip product: vanilla and a tad on the sweet side. I personally don’t mind the smell, as I no longer smell it while it is on my lips, but it is not something that is a game changer for me either. At Selfridge’s this lipstick retails for 15.50 pounds.

What attracted me about Mehr was first of all the color. I wanted Please Me as that was on my wish list. I had never heard of Mehr, but when I looked at all the lipsticks in the display this color instantly drew my eye. I also liked Please Me, but I was a bit undecided about the two. Then an MUA helped me and applied both shades. Mehr has a lot more of a purple/ brown undertone to it than Please Me, that is what makes this color darker and also perfect for that 90s/ Kylie Jenner lip trend that everybody keeps on raving about.

The matte lipsticks by MAC are some of my favorites. They stay all day and I find the formula very comfortable to wear. I think of all the MAC lipstick finishes this is the one I have most lipsticks in and which I love best. Mehr is no exception to the rule compared to my other MAC matte lipsticks. Just like Velvet Teddy, Russian Red, Pink Plaid and Lady Danger, this lipstick only needs reapplying after  a long workday, and survives lunch and plenty of coffee throughout the day.

The color of the lipstick is what sold me and I personally love the pinky brown shade with a slight purple undertone to it. It’s what makes me like this more than Faux or Velvet Teddy. Velvet Teddy can be a bit too ashy on me and Faux is not really my cup of tea. This is like the dusty rose version of that and it is pretty much Soar in lipstick form. The pinky purply undertone of this lipstick lifts up my face and is what makes this very flattering on.

MAC lip pencil in Soar

A cult beauty product ever since it was found out that Kylie Jenner wears this, Soar is a very sought after MAC product at the moment. But that’s not why I got it. The MUA recommended it, swatched it next to Mehr and when I decided they would form the perfect pair I decided to take it home. This lip pencil retails for 12.50 pounds at Selfridge’s.

I am a bit of a lip liner noob. I own about 3 lip liners and I never use them. One of them is transparent, because I felt it would go with any lipstick I own. But an actual lipstick and lip liner combination? Nope I had never tried that yet. I guess that lip liner is the last area of make up that I have yet to explore more thoroughly and I thought this rather nude lip liner would make a good start.

The only other MAC lip pencils I have tried are Cherry and In Synch. In Synch dried out on me very quickly and I only own Cherry because it is the only thing that will prevent RiriWoo from the Rihanna collection from bleeding outside of my lip line. That is the only downside about MAC lip pencils: they are quite waxy and slightly drying. A good lip balm to put under this is a must for my dry and easily chapped lips. But once this is on, it’s on and it will be difficult to get it off. If you are looking for a rock solid lip color, a MAC lip pencil is the way to go.

Soar is a mid-tone pinkish brown according to MAC and I couldn’t agree more. It is slightly darker than Mehr and that is why below I have swatched both products separately on my lips as well as together so you can see the complete effect this gives. Putting Mehr over this mutes it slightly and darkens up the lipstick and together I think the products make for a perfect my lips but better vibe.

Swatches. As could be expected from a MAC product, these products are both opaque and go on smoothly. The colors are saturated nicely and pigmentation is thus more than outstanding. Both swatches consist of one swipe across my skin without a primer.

Nothing – Mehr – Soar – Combination

But when it comes to lip products, nothing says more than a lip swatch. I have quite pigmented lips naturally and they also have a bit of a purple undertone to them. They easily look blueish purple when I wear nothing on them, and as you can see both Mehr and Soar by themselves do a good job of covering up my natural lip color. On my lips Mehr is a fair bit lighter than Soar and together they form the perfect shade.

Mehr – Soar – Combination

Last but not least full face pictures to show you the results. Mehr, just by itself, is a great nude on me. I wouldn’t wear Soar as is very often as I find it a bit too dark on its own. But cover it with Mehr and you have a great lip combination that I have enjoyed wearing loads in the past month. Yes, this combination is one of my make up favorites and more successful beauty discoveries of 2015. If you are looking for a 90s lip that isn’t too brown, then I can highly recommend you checking out this lip combo of MAC Mehr matte lipstick and Soar lip pencil.

Do you wear lip pencils? If so, what are your favorites and what other MAC lip combos should I try?

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