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Summer is well on its way and I realized I hadn’t even shared some of my latter half spring pictures on here. That’s why this post comprises some pictures of my life in May, June and early July. It was a busy time at work, with classes crammed into shortened weeks due to the many obligatory days off, exams that had to be graded, lessons for next year that had to be developed and what not. But also in my spare time did I have plenty to do: from festival and concerts to rereading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time and many many hospital visits. Here’s an impression of what I’ve been up to.

Selfie at the train station, on my way to work. It was one of the very first hot days of the year and I decided to wear a floral dress with a matching lipstick. #becauseIcan

One night I walked home after dance class and this is what the canal around the corner of my house looked like.

Because I was so busy I also spent quite some time on my couch. In my Minion PJ pants with neon orange toe nails.

I won free tickets to see Portico in May at Paard van Troje. While everyone else was watching the Euro Vision Song Contest, me and my friend saw this and it was sublime.

Rereading Harry Potter is something I like doing almost every summer. I changed it up last year by listening to the audio books, but since that took me nearly 5 months to finish, I decided to pick up the good old paper version this time round. I always love rereading HP. It takes my mind off thing, but it also reminds me of how far my English has come. I first read the series when I was 16 and obviously at that time, I did not know the words tantrum, parcel and chuckle. Who’d know I’d be blogging and teaching in English so many years down the road.

Last June, I went to Ikea, bought some new make up storage and reorganized my make up. This is the before and after. You can find a full blog post on the reorganization here and I am thinking of doing a make up collection video for my blog’s 5th anniversary. Oh yes, on September 5th this blog will have been around for 5 years. Unbelievable!

Another day, another concert! I saw Nils Frahm in May. He gets so into his music that he ends up losing shoes by the end of his show. Here he is ‘playing’ the piano. With toilet brushes… If you’re into electronic music with a good dose of piano and a lot of experimentation then you should definitely check this guy out!

After using up a ton of stuff, I made another empty products video. I love using up beauty products before I open a new bottle so that’s why I always have a lot of products in these videos. You can still watch it if you click here.

Takkie! I spent spring visiting my parents a lot. Mostly because both of them weren’t doing great healthwise. Both of them are now recovering or have recovered quite a bit, so that’s great. But all those trips there, also meant my spending quality time with our dog. She’s 14 now and and old bat, but she still loves going for walks and since both my parents weren’t really capable of taking her out, I took that upon myself when I was there.

I spent way too much money on make up in England. But hey, if you’re a beauty lover, you know what happens when you’re in a different country with tons of different make up to try. You can see the full blog post here.

June meant music festival time. The first one I went to was a two day psychedelic music festival in Eindhoven called Psych Lab. After two days though I had heard enough reverberating guitars and doom drones for some time to come. But I did see some great bands and it was nice to see something differently for a change.

I love buying books and I got a few in preparation for my summer vacation. After seeing a booktube video on classic novels you should read, I suddenly realized I never read Jane Eyre, except for the abridged version I was required to read when I was 13. Far From the Maddening Crowd is now a movie with Carey Mulligan and I saw the trailer for that and thought I’d like it. Better read the book first though. I also bought Alice in Wonderland. I have a complete works by Lewis Carroll but that’s not something you easily chuck into your bag. The other two are just brainless entertainment books which are a breeze to read if the first one in the series is anything to go by.

There have been quite some weeks where the weather took a very summery turn and when that happens I just can’t be bothered with cooking. Take out sushi is than a great solution I find. It’s healthier than ordering pizza in any case.

I picked up these flamingo sock from Primark. Aren’t they cute? You can see some other purchases I made in last Friday’s fashion post which featured a collective summer fashion haul.

The other June festival I attended was Best Kept Secret. It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it! Great bands, great people and just a whole lot of fun.

Like the socks, you may have seen this skirt in last Friday’s haul, but you could already see this on in my June Crispy Whites lookbook post as well. It’s from Zara and I absolutely love it.

Sunday afternoon = crafts time. I am not a very creative person, but I sometimes have my moments. I am currently working on a ‘little book of inspiration’. I did one last year, but this year I haven’t had as much time to work on it. I find it’s something I enjoy doing and as long as it’s finished by the end of the year, I feel it will have served its purpose.

And there have also been sad days, well sad, maybe not, but I am always a little bummed when the final dance class of the season arrives. That’s what happened at the end of June. No dance class for 2 whole months. Luckily, September will be just around the corner in no time.

What have you been up to?

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