5 bronzers for light skin

It’s summer which means it’s time to bust out the bronzer. I have tried a few over the years and so far I have settled on 3 that I really like and 2 honorable mentions. Meaning: there are two bronzers in this post that I used to love and use all the time, but that have been replaced by products that I like better. My go to bronzers are by Too Faced, The Body Shop and NARS. The two honorable mentions are by Benefit and Sephora name brand.

5 bronzers for light skin

All of them nicely combined. Not only are these 5 bronzers which I can recommend you checking out if you are fair skinned, these are also pretty much all the bronzers I have ever tried. I still have a Bourjois chocolate bronzing powder lying about somewhere, but I gave up on that very quickly as it was too dark for me, even in the lightest shade.

That’s why I don’t own many bronzers: I have fair skin, ranging from pale in winter to not so pale in summer. Bronzer very easily looks muddy on my skin: as if I have a stain on my face due to not washing my face regularly enough. Hence I don’t own too many bronzers, but the ones I have, I love or loved.

Sephora Sun Disk bronzer powder in light

This is the only bronzer no longer in my possession. But this was the first bronzer I ever tried that I absolutely loved. It is matte, it was huge and I bought it on sale: so what’s not to love right? After trying a few other bronzers, I found that this is a tad too orange for me, but up until that point, this received a lot of love. The bulky packaging, combined with a color that wasn’t exactly right for me made me give this product to a friend, but for the time I used it I loved it. I am wearing it in this blog post.

NARS Laguna bronzer powder

On to product that I love. NARS Laguna is a cult beauty product and a great bronzer when I am a tad more tan in summer/ early fall. It has the tiniest amount of shimmer and blends like a dream. I put this product in the part of my stash where I know I will find it: in my favorite face product section along with The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer and Benefit Coralista. I wore this bronzer in my New Year’s Eve make up look, which I posted earlier this year.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 02 Fair Matte

From super high end (because really, NARS is expensive), to semi-budget proof. Semi, because this bronzer is still not super affordable, but it costs about half of a NARS Laguna. Finding cheaper bronzers that are matte and great for fair skin are hard to come by. So when I found this ashy toned, matter bronzer from The Body Shop, I was very happy. If you don’t want to spend too much, but you are fair skinned, then give this one a go. It is a great drugstore alternative to many much more expensive bronzers. I am wearing it in this make up look and reviewed it here.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

But the previous two bronzers pale against how much I love the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I bought this because Lisa Eldridge recommended it in one of her videos and I picked it up in Paris last year. The review is still pending, but this is the first bronzer I feel I can contour with (the TBS one too, but that is a tad too warm I find). It can still get a little bit muddy on my face at times if I am trying to create a full on contour that is. But a softly blended one, especially on my massive forehead to make it seem less big, is something that I find this bronzer does miraculously well. If you want to see it on my face, you can have a look here.

Benefit One Hot Minute Loose Powder bronzer

Finally a product that I got quite some use out of when I first got it, but that I no longer reach for very often. And that’s because this is a loose powder. I bought this on a bit of whim, back when the world of make up was still quite new to me. So a) I didn’t really know what I was buying and b) I didn’t know what a pain this would be to use due to the fact that it’s a loose powder. The product itself is stunning though. So, even though I no longer use this because it’s too much hassle, I still love this product and keep it just in case I struck with the urge to use it. If you would like to see this on, then click here.

Sephora – NARS – The Body Shop – Too Faced – Benefit

As you can see on the swatches, the Sephora one is very orange. NARS is a tad too dark for me most of the year, but works if I work up a slight tan. The final three look the most natural against my skin. The Benefit one has a bit more shine. The Body Shop is a tad more orange than Too Faced Milk Chocolate, but the difference is minute.

I hope you liked seeing a few bronzers that I like using on my fair skin. I do have a few more, but those are all shimmery and I tend to use those as blush if I have a bit of a tan. But these are the bronzers I like to as bronzers. I hope it is helpful in your own search for the perfect bronzer. Good luck!

What bronzer do you use? Is there another one that I failed to mention and should check out?

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