Orly Color Blast Tangerine Neon

Neon nail polish is a great way to incorporate some summer into your outfit without going overboard. However, the highlighter type shades don’t always make the easiest nail polish textures to use. Many neon polishes are thin, need nearly 25 layers to go on opaque and then they’re still streaky. So when I spotted this vibrant neon orange nail polish from Orly at Boots, I was apprehensive about the quality. Only to be pleasantly surprised, very pleasantly.

Orly Color Blast Tangerine Neon

Orly isn’t a brand I have tried many polishes of. They aren’t readily available in The Netherlands and I have become a little hesitant to buying make up and nail polish through the internet. Especially when a polish retails for 9.50 pounds for 11 ml, I am not too keen on buying something only to never use it or not liking it. I have learned my lesson the hard way. So far I have only tried their Polish Bond base coat, but a color was still on my wishlist to try.

Tangerine Neon is quite possibly the brightest,  most in your face color in my entire polish collection. And that’s saying something, because I have a lot of nail polish. But nothing like this. I have owned neon nail polish in the past, but that was never quite right. The texture was off, it went on sheer and I never really had an idea of how to wear it. On top of that I find this nail polish color unique not only within my nail polish collection, but also on the whole. In the world of nails you find plenty of neon yellow (China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini for instance) and pinks and greens. But a neon orange? It was the first time I spotted that.

The brush on this is very narrow and precise. Which I like! My nails are very small and most brushes cause a mess as I end up painting more on my skin than on my nail. The texture is quite thin and I do find you need quite a few layers before this is fully opaque, but unlike many neon nail polishes, this doesn’t leave a streaky finish. Once opaque, this looks like bright, fluorescent cream on your nails.

Lasting power is quite decent. I have yet to try this on my hands. Something I had intended to do for this blog post until the nail on my middle finger bend, broke off and left a very painful stub behind. So my nails are nail polish free until that sorts itself out. But of course you also have a set of toes, which means you have alternatives. Especially in summer, I enjoy painting my toe nails in the brightest most exuberant colors. I really like to make them pop, and that is something this nail polish is very good at.

I couldn’t really capture the neonness (is that a word?) of this polish with my regular camera while it was on my toes, but my phone did while I was lounging on the couch when I first wore this. But as you can see this color pops and makes your feet look slightly more tanned in the process. Added bonus right there!

This polish is for you if you are looking for the funnest, brightest, most in your face polish on the planet. So far I am liking it best for my toes for that bit of summer brightness in a peep toe or sandal. If you don’t like neons, this won’t be your cup of tea, but there are plenty of other great nail polishes you can look into.

Can you please recommend some Orly shades that you think I should try?
Because this trial makes me want to try some more!

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