Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

Finding a good, matte bronzer when you’ve got a lighter skin tone can be quite the battle. Many of them are too dark, or if they are light enough they are super shimmery. I used to use NARS Laguna for years, but found that it only really worked on my slightly darker summer skin, but that on my pale winter skin it looked dirty and muddy. I was therefore on the hunt for a light matte bronzer that would match my winter skin and when Lisa Eldrige recommended the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer in one of her videos I knew I had to try it.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil light/ medium matte bronzer

I bought this bronzer quite some time ago, at Sephora in Paris when I was doing my interrail trip last year. So I have had ample time to try this out before reviewing it properly. For 10 grams of product you pay roughly €30, so this isn’t a very affordable product but one that definitely is a stand out product and unlike anything any drugstore brand has come out with until now.

The packaging the compact comes in is quite straight forward but with that Too Faced edge. I think I am one of the very few people who isn’t a fan of the box or the Too Faced packaging overall. It does come with some handy information and the list of ingredients. What the box says:

Bronzing has never been so delicious. The lighter version of our best-selling Chocolate Soleil creates a matte, shimmer-free tan using the power of antioxidant-rich cocoa powder to bronze and contour the skin. It’s all the tan without the twinkle.

According to Too Faced’s website this powder should also neutralize redness and even out skin tone. Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil has gotten rave reviews for years and the fact that this is a lighter version of that same product, of course already sets a premise for this bronzer. Too Faced now also do a Dark Chocolate Soleil to round off the range for darker skins too.

Like I said, I am not a huge fan of Too Faced packaging. The compact is made of plastic and feels quite cheap. The embossing on the side doesn’t help it, but you do get 10 grams of product which I think is a nice amount for a bronzer. The compact contains a mirror that takes up the entire lid and the compact isn’t heavy or bulky which makes this a good product to throw in your purse and use for touch ups.

The bronzer itself is indeed fully matte. There is not a hint of shimmer to be found anywhere. The color is not too orange and looks like a true tan color in the pan. The texture is not super buttery smooth, but it isn’t chalky either. This product is also easy to work with. I find I get the right amount of product onto my brush so I don’t overdo the bronzer very easily. I mostly use this bronzer for contouring though. I love using it around my forehead, my cheeks and my nose for a bit of extra shading.

Something the Too Faced chocolate range is famous for is the chocolate smell that they add to every product. I am unfortunately not a fan of that smell either, but since it doesn’t linger around once the product is on my face, I really don’t mind it too much. But for me the smell was something I had to get used to rather than something I appreciated from the get-go.

The swatch may not seem very impressive, but don’t forget that this is a face powder. For powders such as highlight, bronzer and blush I like them to be pigmented (which this most definitely is), but easy to blend out and nothing too crazy as it might make you look like a mess really easily. As you can see this powder is a fair bit darker than my own skin tone and I find it works perfectly with my complexion during winter time.

On the face, I find this looks less muddy than the NARS Laguna on me. It is mostly a subtle contour, nothing too crazy or stark, and that is what I like best. If you would like to see this product in other make up looks I created in the past year or so, then check out these two blog posts (1) & (2), as I have used this bronzer many times since I got it.

Because the shade is light enough for my skin, this bronzer quickly made it to the top of my favorite products list. The powder works well, delivers on most of it claims and the chocolate smell is not too offensive. It is the perfect winter time bronzer for me and so I am sure I will be bringing it out again as this year’s tan fades away.

What is your favorite bronzer?

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