Beauty bloggers made me buy it

Reading beauty blogs or watching beauty videos on Youtube can be dangerous to your make up collection. Don’t get me wrong: it is fun to see fellow make up enthusiasts rave about their favorite products, but that does mean that products end up on your radar that you otherwise wouldn’t care about. At least, that’s what happens to me. I spot plenty of products on my own, but there are a few that I would not have checked out or purchased were it not for the rave reviews of several bloggers and vloggers.

For some reason, most of these products are high end. Either I am more enamored by high end recommendations than drugstore ones, or the beauty community is simply more geared towards more expensive beauty products. In any case, I found these products from international beauty tubers such as Lisa Eldridge and Fleur de Force, but some products came recommended a bit closer to home. Dutch beautybloggers VeraCamilla and the girls from LiveLifeGorgeous have certainly contributed products to my make up stash.

Chanel VitaLumière Aqua foundation

My most memorable instigated purchase is the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation. This was a cult favorite for a while, but it wasn’t until Fleur de Force kept raving about this product that I considered buying it. And it took a while for me to take the jump. Chanel foundation isn’t cheap, but when I found it on sale at a beauty store that had to foreclose, I bought it as it was then worth it for me to give a go. I love this foundation till this day, but since it is quite pricey I save this for special occasions only.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in shade no. 02

Finding a good light matte bronzer is a feat, so when I heard EssieButton (now restyled to her real name Estee Lalonde) rave about this TBS bronzer I knew I had to have it. Weirdly enough, the lightest shade available in the The Netherlands is no. 02, but there should be an even lighter shade around. I used this continuously until I bought the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer which I think is a bit better color wise.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye shadow in 97 New Moon

Then a product I never even talked about on this space. Sometimes, some products simply get lost in the mayhem so to speak. I remember first seeing this product by Lisa Eldridge. She used to work for/ with Chanel and so her Youtube videos often had some of their newest products. When she showed this I was sold. New Moon was part of a limited edition collection last year, but I have seen it around in stores if it hasn’t sold out. It is an amazingly complex shade with reds, purples, browns and greys all fused into one shimmery cream to powder eye shadow.

Collection Lasting Perfection 16 h Ultimate Wear Concealer

How could we forget this one? If there is one product that is raved about still it is this concealer. I don’t even remember anymore which beauty guru got me on to this. From UK to Dutch bloggers: everyone seems to love this and so do I. I have used this continuously in many different looks and blog posts, but I have yet to review this formally. I use the shade Fair most of the time, but I also have Cool Medium to have a darker option. It’s one of the very few make up products I own a back up of.

MAC Ririwoo (LE)
MAC Candy Yum YumMAC Lady Danger

MAC lipsticks are raved about to begin with, but there are a few that get more hype than others. Where the neutrals such as Faux and Brave now get a lot of attention, a few years ago the brights took center stage. I remember Dutch bloggers LiveLifeGorgeous hyping up the Ririwoo collection by Rihanna which I managed to get my hands on in the limited edition rose gold packaging. The same duo got me onto Candy Yum Yum: one of the brightest most in your face lipstick shades I own. Which can also be said of Lady Danger, but this purchase was brought on by VeraCamilla, aka the queen of red lipstick.

Which of your beauty purchases was enabled by the beauty community?

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