Music of the Moment (September 2015)

It’s the final Thursday of the month and so it’s time to share some of my latest music favorites again. Most of these songs were released in the past 6 months or so. Meaning not all of these songs are super new per se, but I usually play catch up over summer, finding more music that I might have missed while I was too busy to sort through the piles that seem to be released when you’re not looking. I got my hands on a few playlists that I don’t keep up with on the regular and I also deep a bit of a youtube round as well trying to find some new things.

Lately I’ve been finding it quite difficult to find music that sounds truly new and exciting to me. I’m at this point where I feel I’ve heard it all: everything sounds the same. The indie electro stuff I listened to death a few years ago has gone mainstream and rather than being experimental and interesting, it has become mediocre easy listening music that is predictable, making everything sound very samey to me.

On the other hand, more and more guitar bands seem to be popping up again as a counteract, filling the indie void left behind. It’s not that I don’t like guitar bands, but to me, it all sounds a little bit similar to me. There are still a bunch of solid tracks that have been released this year and that I got into this month in particular. I had a browse through my ‘new in’ folder and gave it a good listen. The result? These 11 songs that range from something guitary to EDM, to a Disney cover and something a bit more pop. In short, there is a good mix. Just give these a listen and let me know what songs you’ve been listening on repeat in a comment down below.

CYN – Something

Haywyre – Insight

High Tyde – Talk To Frank

KLOË – Feel


Pure – Blue Whales

Son Lux – This Time

The Citizens – Where I’ve Been

Tribe Society – Kings

Wartime Recitals – Bad Dances

We Were Evergreen – Be Like You

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