Styling a printed top

I love myself a good print. It adds a fun element to any outfit and can taken an outfit from boring to exciting. Paired with neutral bottoms, but sometimes even combined with more prints, a print can do so much for an outfit and I have 5 outfits for you today that show you how. Because prints come in different shapes, I have tried to add a bit of everything: from a floral to a plaid, and from polka dots to paisley. Here are 5 printed tops I love.

Floral printed blouse (Mink Pink)
Grey Jaimie jeans (Topshop)
Tartan print sneakers (Venice)

We’re starting off this post with my favorite pairing out of all of these. I love this blouse. I bought it from Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam and I love wearing it. The floral print is busy and bold, but because of the muted colors not too much in your face. The assortment of different colored daisy flowers makes this shirt girly, but because of the boxy fit it adds a good amount of androgyny into the mix to make this blouse one of the staple and statement pieces in my wardrobe. I paired it with a neutral colored pair of jeans and printed shoes in a color that matches the pants. Easy to chuck on, but still a great outfit I think.

Plaid shirt (Primark)
Indigo Joni jeans (Topshop)
Cherry red Dr. Marten’s 1460 (Dr. Marten’s store in Covent Garden)

If there is one print on trend for fall it’s plaid. Plaids and tartans are everywhere this fall and this Primark men’s shirt falls right into that category. It is a flannel shirt, with a thicker material, which keeps you warm and makes it easy to throw on even as outerwear on not so very cold days. I usually wear this over a t-shirt and let it hang loose, but buttoned up all the way gives this shirt a nice preppy vibe. To amp up the masculine silhouette of the shirt, I paired this outfit with my trusty Docs for a sturdy, punky vibe. The jeans have pretty much the same color as the navy blue in the shirt, which is why I think they go together so nicely.

Graphic print tank top (H&M)
Red knit cardigan (Urban Outfitters)
Black PU biker pencil skirt with quilted details (Only)
Black cut out boots (New Look)

Another ‘cool’ outfit if I may say so. The PU leather of the skirt paired with the boots, top and cardigan make this an outfit that is an obvious statement. To prevent the ensemble from becoming too dark and tough looking, the print here adds a more playful vibe. The black & white break up the otherwise very monotone look and by adding the carding you will keep yourself nice and warm.

Polka dot tie front blouse (Forever 21)
Pink joni jeans (Topshop)
Checkered flats (Invito)

I love pairing my pink joni jeans with black printed tops. This polka dot blouse is a staple in my wardrobe. I wear it over dresses to fake a shirt & skirt look, but also with highwaisted jeans and shorts. It adds a 50s retro vibe to any outfit. The jeans are a bit daring as they can look like you’re not wearing anything on your bottom half, but I find that by offsetting it with black garments, it turns into an acceptable piece.

Paisley print sweater (H&M)
Houndstooth skirt (Costes)
Black heels (Van Haren)

Print on print is a fun but tricky combination to pull off. It helps if the prints are different enough that make for two different textures. Here I have taken a men’s sweater from H&M with a very busy paisley print. The skirt is a more regular and organized print which keeps things a bit more muted and toned down. I would only wear this paired with black pieces: black tights, black shoes, maybe a black blazer. This will keep the outfit from becoming too outrageous. For that bit of extra boldness I would throw on a red lip, just because I can.

How do you wear your printed tops?

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