An ode to… the white button down shirt

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In this new fashion series on my blog, I plan to write about a few fashion bits that I absolutely love and cannot get enough of. The purpose of the ‘an ode to…’ series to rave about those pieces and explain to you exactly why I love these items so much and why I think everyone should own something like this. In short, I will try to convey why I feel your wardrobe needs these items and today we are kicking things off with an ode to the white button down shirt.

White pleated button down shirt (Cooperative)
White scalloped collared button down shirt (The White Pepper)White lace button down shirt (Cooperative)

Let there be no mistake: the white button down shirt or blouse is an absolute classic and many fashionistas will agree with me that a white button down shirt is a staple piece to own. But I wouldn’t be me if my version of the white button down shit shouldn’t need something else: that little bit of oomph that makes it a tad quirky or at least different. That is why the picture above shows you three of my favorite white buttons downs that I own: one has a scalloped collar, the other has pleats along the front and the other is lace.

Because that is the first reason why I love a white button down: it is anything but boring. Sure, you can go out and buy a silk white blouse with a front pocket and invisible closures and let that be that, but I like my button downs to always have some interesting detail. Especially the white ones. Because just a white shirt to me, would be quite boring on its own. That is why I look for details that take this item from standard to different.

And that brings me to reason number two. My second reason for loving a white shirt is that it is a versatile piece that can go with anything and is perfect for any time. You can wear it to lunch dates and casual dinners, to work and fancy parties. You can style it up for a bit of chiqueness, or you can style it down for a little bit of je ne sais quoi flair. And they come in so many different styles and fits that there is always going to be a right shirt for you.

What can be tricky about buying a good white shirt is the fact that they can run on the sheer side. Owning a good set of underwear and other under garments that you can pair with your white shirts is therefore a must, but very worthwhile once you have that perfect match. Think of getting at least a nude colored under shirt (just a vest top will do), a nude bralette or bandeau top and a nude or beige t-shirt.

My perfect fit for a white shirt is one that is made of a chiffon like material with a pointed or peter pan collar and not too much else going on. I like all of my button downs a little bit oversized: since I have a good set of boobs, I find it important that a shirt closes properly and that goes most definitely for a white button down. My favorite pairing is with a skirt, preferably skater skirts. To me that makes the perfect mixture of preppy and girly. Add a heel for that extra feminine touch or a brogue if you dare to play up the masculine feel of the shirt and you have an interesting yet cool outfit any time.

Do you like white button down shirts?

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