Music ABC – T

I thought it would be time to be sharing some more of my all time music favorites with you as well and we’re slowly but surely edging our way to the end. Today I’m sharing my music favorites starting with the letter T and some of these loves go way back. From childhood memories of my mom playing me Sinead O’Connor to my first forays into singing: it’s all here.

This Modern Love – Bloc Party

Bloc Party was probably one of the first indie type of groups I got majorly into. I still love their debut album and this song remains a favorite as I think it is ingeniously constructed and I like the lyrics. A tad cynical yet brilliant at the same time, this song takes me back to those days of discovering music in my new town as a student.

Time is a Jailer – Anouk

For a long time I was pretty serious about singing. I wasn’t trying to make a career out of it, but I did take singing classes at some point and it used to be something I enjoyed doing. I can sing, well sorta, but haven’t done so in years. However, when this song comes on I still belt along like there is no tomorrow.

Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega

This song is making a comeback. I have seen many indie artists covering this song over the past year and I like how it is going through some sort of revival. I don’t know why this song exactly appeals to me but I like how it’s sort of melancholy yet cheerful at the same time.

Troy – Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O’Connor is one of the few artists my mom brought into my life. My dad is the reason I am a music buff, but it was my mom who showed me that you can be devoted to a handful of artists and commit to their work. Sinead is one of her favorites and I took my mom to see her live a few years ago in Amsterdam. Talking about a great artist whose music still hits my soft spot whenever I listen to it.

Typical – Mutemath

We’re ending this round with a very random favorite song. There is no sentimental reason for this track being on this list other than that I like it. It’s catchy, a tad cheesy and predictable and an earwurm at that.

What are your favorite songs that start with a T?

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