Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer 020 Light Beige

Concealers don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, most of the concealers I own are from the drugstore with a long time favorite being the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which you can buy from the UK drugstore for just a few pounds. Catrice also makes concealers that people rave about but so far I had only tried their camouflage cream concealer, which I liked. Now that they have launched a new concealer, this time in liquid form, my favorite, I had to give it a whirl.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer 020 Light Beige

I already wrote a first impression when I first got this, but I wanted to test it out a little bit more thoroughly. At €3.59 this isn’t an expensive concealer and if it does what it claims to do then this might very well be a good alternative to the Collection concealer which is more difficult to get if you’re not in the UK.

The concealer comes with a standard doe foot applicator in a lipgloss type tube. I love liquid concealers: they are my favorite consistency and the type of concealer I use the most. The packaging looks quite nice: you can clearly see the color through the clear plastic of the tube and this is available in two very light shades.

The promises of this concealer are to give you high coverage that is long-lasting. It should be able to cover up dark under eyes, zits and even tattoos. It is also supposed to be waterproof and can be build up to add extra coverage when needed. I didn’t test this on any spots (as I don’t really get those) nor on my tattoo (which I do have, but which is on my back, very inconvenient for testing out concealer let me tell you). The one reason why I use concealer then? My puffy, dark circles.

The doe foot applicator that comes with the packaging is loaded up with a good amount of product. This concealer feels quite watery and runny, but still gives a good amount of coverage. Of the two shades available I have the darker one: 020 light beige. I thought that the other shade (porcelain I believe) would be too light and since I’m already naturally quite pale, wearing extra light concealer can make me look quite ghost like rather than awake. So I opted for the shade which I thought would be the best match with my natural complexion.


The shade is spot on for my under eye area. On my arm, in this swatch, it looks quite yellow against the white flesh of the under side of the my inner arm. I have found lately that a yellow toned concealer works quite nicely against my otherwise neutral undertone skin. Because I have quite a bit of redness and am trying to combat some dark circles, a yellow undertone is better than a pink one for me.

A problem I have with this concealer when swatching this, is that it oxidizes. As you can see in the picture above, this concealer dries up a fair bit darker than it starts off. Funnily enough I didn’t notice this process on my under eye area, so maybe you can simply see such a big contrast because of my fair skin. In any case, it is something noteworthy to look out for when you are looking to try this concealer for yourself.

On my under eye I find this covers up that little bit of blue in my inner corner just fine. It looks a little bit patchy on some of the drier areas around my eyes, but that is easily solved by applying an eye cream before applying this. Or you could apply this with a dampened beauty blender. That is my favorite way of applying concealer of late and I find that ensures a crease free and well-blended concealer.

Full face

Full face, this concealer blends in well with my current foundation shade while covering up what I feel needs covering. From a distance this concealer does not look cakey or very made up. It also lasts a long time and it stays put nicely throughout the day. I haven’t tested the claim of this being waterproof, but I didn’t notice anything too special about the lasting power. I’d say this stays on as long as the Collection concealer. The only longer lasting concealer I’ve tried is the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, but that is of course a little bit pricier.

Overall, I think the Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer is a great basic concealer. I like it enough to say that if this turns out to be too dark during winter time I will go out and purchase this in the lighter shade. I find it is on equal parring grounds as the Collection concealer and at a similar price point, yet easier to get your hands on if you live in continental Europe, this concealer certainly has a lot going for it.

What is your favorite drugstore concealer?

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