Fall fashion trends from my closet

With fashion changing so quickly these, chances are that you do not have to go out and buy a ton of new clothes while still remaining on trend. The past few years, I’ve tried to have a good look at my closet before heading out to the shops and update my wardrobe. It may not be exactly the same as the current trend, but here are a few items I have found I already had that will make do just fine.

1.) Cozy Knits

I love a good sweater to keep warm. But sweaters are of course not necessarily a very new and exciting product. I do notice that there are a lot around these days and since I love myself a cozy knit sweater, I already own a few. What am I saying? A few? I have a shelf stacked full of them. Some of my favorites are this bouclé sweater from Topshop, this burgundy sweater from H&M and a bit of a cheat as it is new: a navy cable knit sweater from this year’s H&M collection.

2.) Asymmetrical/ wrapped

Another trend I’ve spotted and that’s lounging around in my closet is a wrap detail on skirts and dresses. Most often combined with an asymmetrical hemline and a shirt dress, but I do not own anything like that yet. Wrap detail items I find very tricky to wear as they need to fit just right for it to look okay. That’s why I only have one such item in my current wardrobe: a bright red asymmetrical wrap detail skirt from H&M.

3.) Straight/ a-line dresses

I’m not sure I am liking this trend, but since I own at least two of these items I think I do, provided I like the items itself. What I am referring to is the trend of shapeless, straight down to the knee, flowy dresses that may or may not have a bit of an a-line fit to them. The reason why I am unsure about this one is because it is another tricky item for me. I look best in skater dresses that singe in at the waist. Anything that simply falls down in a straight line often looks like a bag on me.

4.) Waterfall cardigans

This may or not be the trendiest item in here, but these past few months I have seen so many waterfall cardigans around in stores. But I feel this is a style which has been around on and off again for the past few years. I own two of them: a black one which I picked up for less than 10 euros at the H&M sale a few years ago. It is very long and big, but since it’s thin, it doesn’t look too bulky on. The striped version is from Pieces and it isn’t the most flattering piece on (something to do with curves and such) but I like the casual vibe it gives off.

5.) Mustard yellow

When it comes to colors, burgundy, navy and mustard yellow seem to be on top of everyone’s list come fall. It’s only since this year that I really find some decent mustard yellow items around. I picked up a few here and there throughout the years, because mustard yellow is a difficult color to pull off when you’ve got blonde hair I find. But given the right shade, I absolutely love it. Here you see a pair of pants from Berschka which I’ve had for ages and a cardigan from Only.

6.) Plaid

If you’ve missed this trend, then I am not sure where you’ve been because plaid is back and bigger than ever. Every where you go, you will find racks filled with plaid shirts and it is a great print for fall. The best way to combine plaid is in a flannel button down shirt, preferably a bit baggy and loose fitting. I wear them with skinny jeans and a pair of Doc Marten’s for that extra boyish effect. Here you can see some plaid shirts from Primark (men’s section!), H&M and Vila.

7.) (Faux) suede

Suede is everywhere right now! It fits right into that whole boho chic vibe that is going on right now. From shoes, jackets, skirts and even shirts: a (faux) suede item is something not to be missed out on for fall 2015. I only own one piece that fits this trend and that is the skirt I showed you in last week’s fall lookbook.

8.) Pale blue

The only trend that I want to highlight which is a slight repeat from last year. Where last year any pastel would do for fall, there is only one color that trumps all other pastels this year and that is a pale sky blue color. It isn’t necessarily easy to find, but when you do it is a piece that will most certainly stand out against all of the darker colors that make up the usual fall palette.

9.) Fringe

Sticking with the 70s boho vibe, a good fringe/ tassle items cannot be missing from your wardrobe this fall. And if you can combine it with the suede trend I described above: even better. Fringe detail is around on shirts, jackets, bags, and shoes. I bought this bag from H&M last summer and like how it hangs and has fringe all over. Sometimes with items like these, the details are only attached to one side of the bag, but with this one it’s on both sides.

10.) Loafers

Last but not least, there is a shoe trend going on and one that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The loafers on the right are alright, at least judging by the comments I received on one of my very first lookbook posts on here. I wore the pair on the left in a different outfit part of that same lookbook, but those were not that popular. Yes, they look like something your grandma would wear, but now H&M sells a pair in black with a metal bar that is just as grandma chic as this one. At least in my opinion they are.

What fall trends have you found in your wardrobe?

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