The Body Shop Christmas Collection 2015

One of my most favorite Christmas collections out every year is by The Body Shop. I usually love their limited edition scents and it is a great time to get some great deals on some of your body favorites. This year The Body Shop is back with a new limited edition Christmas line, lots of gift packages, some new make up and even an advent calendar. Today I am showing you a selection of some The Body Shop Christmas items.

This year The Body Shop releases over 60 special edition Christmas products. The newest limited edition body care line is Frosted Plum, which replaces the Vanilla line. The other two limited edition Christmas scents are Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. There is a bestselling advent calendar, which is available in two different versions: the 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar (€75) and the Deluxe edition (€120). I received a limited edition gift set, a nail polish, an eye shadow palette and three Frosted Plum items for review. All these items are now available in stores and online.

Let’s start off with make up! I already read a few reviews of some of the new body products, but I have yet to find a review of some of the limited edition make up products. And these are also products I never tried before from The Body Shop. I own a few of their make up brushes (it was my first brush set!) and one of my favorite brow bone shades is by TBS, but I had yet to try their nail polish and eye shadow palettes.

Nail polish: Nail Sequins in Gold (€6)

Now this is a glitter top coat that warms my glitter polish heart. Nail Sequins: Gold is a glitter top coat that creates a fairly nice layer of glitter in two coats. It combines gold and black particles and are thus a great addition for the party season. A) because glitters are always a good idea for spicing up your look and B) because nothing says Christmas than a good glittery gold nail. I’m already envisioning wearing this over a red cream polish with a thin layer towards the base of the nail and a more thicker application towards the end: much like a gradient.

Limited edition eyeshadow palette in Grooving Gold (€25)

When I spotted this 4 color eye shadow palette I was instantly intrigued. The packaging is simple: cardboard with a magnetic closing lid that is printed with a gold and black design. When you open up the palette a large mirror is revealed, 4 eye shadow shades and a not so exciting brush. In total this palette contains 7.2 grams of product. But what matters most of course is how well these shadows apply.

The first shade in the palette is a shimmery peachy pink shade. Perfect for all over lid application.

The second shade is a soft, dusty mauve shade. Again with shimmer and I think this would make a great crease shade.

Shade no. 3 is a deep mauvy plum shade with lots of different sparkles that sadly enough do not transfer much onto the eye, but that also do not cause any fall out. Shades like these are perfect for deepening the color in your crease, darkening up the Outer V and smoking out the lower lash line.

The final shade is the one that gives the palette its name: Grooving Gold. It’s a pale, yellow toned gold that packs plenty of shine. I can see this shade work in the inner corner.


As you can see this palette does not contain a great brow bone highlight, but in return you are given 4 shades that are perfect for creating a warm toned smokey eye look: perfect for a Christmas look. When swatched, these shades pull a little bit more brown than purple, which may seem confusing, but which actually works well when you apply them tot he eye.

Eye look using Grooving Gold Eye Palette:

Shade 1 all over the lid
Shade 2 in the crease
Shade 3 in the outer V and lower lashline
Shade 4 in the inner corner

I sourced my brow bone highlight from a The Body Shop single that has now been discontinued.

Full face

Pigmentation of these shadows is bang on point. They blend well and as you can see they make for a great Christmas eye look. I am a little bit in love with these. My favorite shade has to be the peachy pink shade as that is so pretty all over the lid. Yes, this is a great hidden gem that I haven’t heard too much buzz about just yet.

Frosted Plum Limited Edition

When I stopped by The Body Shop in my town a few weeks ago (you can see the result of that trip by clicking here), I was already given a sample of the new Frosted Plum line. So I knew I would love the scent of this. Where Glazed Apple isn’t my favorite and I am sad to see the Vanilla line disappear, I do think that Frosted Plum is a good addition to the limited edition Christmas scents. It is a sweet scent, with a hint of floral, yet also very inviting and soothing at the same time.

Frosted Plum Bath Fizzers (€15)

Upon seeing this product, my immediate thought was: oh no, but I don’t have a bath. But then I figured I could use these in many different ways. If you are like me and you don’t have a bath at home, you can use these in foot baths to soak your feet in after a long day. But I also want to use these as an ‘air freshner’ for my wardrobe. I put one or two cubes in an old washcloth and placed them in my wardrobe so all my clothes will start to smell like this amazing scent.

Frosted Plum Scented Candle (€15)

New in The Body Shop’s line are scented candles. I believe they have these sometimes, but it is definitely not a staple for the brand. And it isn’t a staple for me, as I am just getting into scented candles. I have yet to burn this, but the scent of this is amazing. It smells nice and fragrant. The packaging is adorable on the outside, but the candle itself comes in a plain glass jar. I hope this burns down nicely and even and the scent isn’t too overpowering once I burn it.

Frosted Plum lip balm (€5)

The Body Shop lip balms are some of the best out there. I have one of the Honey lip balms and I absolutely love that one. The Frosted Plum version comes in a cute tin and is nice and creamy without being too slippery. It feels good on the lips and nourishes them properly. I find this to be a great lip balm for keeping your lips hydrated throughout the day. It is not too heavy, but doesn’t disappear from the lips too quickly either.

Strawberry Festive Picks (€25)

I love The Body Shop gift sets. I usually buy these for my mom as I know she loves to try out some new things from time to time, but wouldn’t necessarily buy anything like this for herself. This Strawberry Festive Picks selection comes with a full size shower gel, a mini body butter, gel scrub, a bar of soap and a loofah. Even though the strawberry scent is not my favorite from The Body Shop offerings (I like their nutty scents a lot better than the fruity ones), this set is very complete and would even make a great gift to yourself if you want to try a few different products by The Body Shop.

If I had to recommend any of these items in particular, I would definitely suggest you pick up something from the new Frosted Plum line and the eye shadow palette. However, if you’re like me, you cannot enter a The Body Shop store without leaving with more than you bargained for. Just go out and give everything a smell and decide for yourself.

Which The Body Shop Christmas Collection items are you most excited about?

These items were sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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