Anastasia Shadow Couture World Traveler palette

We are slowly nearing the end of the massive amount of palettes I bought over summer. But that doesn’t mean that the palettes are getting any worse. I didn’t really have a system to prioritize any of these, but today I can finally devote a blog post to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler eye shadow palette. I don’t think this exact palette is available anymore, but since Anastasia releases palettes on a regular basis, I think that reviewing this particular palette can still be of use.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler eye shadow palette

I bought this palette at Sephora in the US for around $30 excluding tax. For that money you receive 12 eye shadows that supposedly are just as good as the full size versions. I got this after seeing it on the Anastasia Instagram. Seeing that it would be released just before I would leave for the US, I knew I had to add this to my wishlist, as I was curious to try them after seeing so many beauty gurus use these shadows. It took me trips to 6 different Sephora in NYC until I found it, but I think all that effort was well worth it.

The palette comes packaged in a cardboard box and inside it, is the palette which has a canvas feel outer shell. The palette itself is also made of cardboard and it features a magnetic closure. Other than that, the packaging is nothing too special. There is a decent sized mirror and the packaging is straight forward and hassle free.

When you open up the palette, the 12 shades are truly the eye catchers here. The palette features a brush too and each shadow contains 0.72 grams of product. In total that is around 8.5 grams of product. Not the largest amount of eye shadow (to compare Urban Decay Naked Smokey contains 12 shadows of 1.3 grams each, giving you almost half as much), but still a workable amount that will definitely let you try all the different shades.

The brush is actually quite good. Most of the time the brushes that come with palettes do not capture my interest, but this one did. On the one end you get a fluffy brush and the other features a denser, rounder brush. The hairs feel soft and this works really quite well.

The shadows themselves all look stunning in the pan. There is a block of neutrals/ browns, a block of colorful shades and then at the end there is a block of shimmery, metallic goodness, with a solid looking black thrown in the mix. Let’s have a closer look at these shades.

The first block is a cluster of warm toned peach and brown shades:

  • Soft peach is a matte light peach
  • Morocco is a matte orange toned medium brown, almost terracotta like
  • Spoiled is a shimmery pinky peach
  • Fudge is a matte dark brown

Block number two is our colorful number:

  • Heirloom is a deep purple with chunky glitters
  • Bellini is a darker peach with a hint of sheen
  • Azure is a deep, vibrant blue
  • Intense gaze is a shimmery light terracotta brown with a pinkish undertone

Block number three is our festive, full on glittery glam number:

  • Pink champagne is a glittery pink
  • Chic is a shimmery champagne with a whitish silver feel
  • Metallic is a yellow toned gold
  • Noir is an intense matte black

As you can see this palette offers you a bit of everything. There’s plenty of mattes, including the lightest and the darkest shades. Then there 6 shades that range from shimmery to metallic and finally there is Pink Champagne which is definitely the most glittery of all. The shade range is mostly warm toned, with the exception of Azure and Chic. The colorful shades may look intimidating in the pan, but once on the eye they are just the bright pops of color you need to lift this palette from boring to interesting. My favorite shades here are Morocco, Soft Peach and Pink Champagne.

The swatches for this palette do not lie: the pigmentation of these shadows is full on. All it takes is a gentle, very gentle dip into the pan to create an even layer of color. The texture is buttery soft. The shadows glide on like nothing, whether the shades are matte or shimmery and blendability is aces. Even Pink Champagne which looks a little loose grained in the pan, transforms into a gorgeous full on color. Wear time is great too, but I always use a primer underneath to prevent creasing. Time to show you some looks!

Look 1:
Spoiled (all over lid)Morocco (crease)
Soft Peach (blend out crease)
Pink Champagne (inner corner)
Heirloom (lower lash line)
Fudge (liner)
Catrice Vanillity Fair Velvet Matt (not from the palette)

This first look I created on camera. It was the first time using this palette, so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I took my time and played it safe. I wanted this look to be work appropriate and kept it simple. The rest of my make up are the Milani Matte Darling lipstick (review), and Milani Blush in Tea Rose.

Look 2:
Chic (all over lid)
Morocco (crease)
Bellini (blend shade)
Soft peach (brown bone)
Fudge (Outer V)

I created this very warm toned and more intense look using mostly the browns and peaches in this palette. I changed it up with using Chic as my main lid color. You don’t really see that when I open my eyes, but I think it adds a nice touch when I look down. This is my favorite look out of the three I am showing you here.

Look 3:
Soft Peach (all over lid)
Intense Gaze (crease)
Bellini (blend shade)
Fudge (liner)
Metallic (inner corner)

This is a very soft look, but one I really really like. It has something girly and sweet to it, but the pop of gold in the inner corner gives it something unexpected. The gold is a bit too yellow on my eyes I find, but I think if I pair it with Fudge and for instance Azure or Noir, I think it could make for a super glam and festive look.

Creating great eye shadow looks is a breeze with this palette. The pigmentation and blendability of these shadows is so intense that you hardly have to do any work. Just make sure you don’t pick up too much color with your brush else you’ll be blending for a very long time as these puppies are intense and some of the best eye shadows I have ever tried. If you are looking to try Anastasia eye shadows, then I highly suggest getting yourself one of these palettes. Currently the Self-Made palette is making the rounds, which includes some more stunning shades.

What is your opinion of Anastasia eye shadows?

9 responses to “Anastasia Shadow Couture World Traveler palette”

  1. Wauw, wat een mooie palette met prachtige tinten! En wauw, de pigment is echt super. Mooie diverse looks heb je ook gemaakt. Zo te zien kan je veel kanten op met dit palette, top!

  2. Yay! Een kwastje dat fijn werkt in plaats van een spons-applicator! De kleuren zijn echt prachtig, stuk voor stuk. Vooral Morocco vind ik erg mooi. En je maakt er mooie looks mee!

    • Morocco is ook mijn favoriet idd. Zo’n mooie crease kleur. En bedankt voor je complimentje over de looks. Ik probeer altijd 3 verschillende looks bij palette reviews te doen om te laten zien of je er ook echt alle kanten mee uit kunt.

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