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Do I need any more make up? Of course I don’t, but I love trying out new things. And since I found some new favorites in the US last summer, I have been filling and then emptying my shopping basket on several times already. I have noticed I keep coming back to a list of 9 products every single time and I thought I would share my Sephora wishlist with you. It’s mainly lip products, but there’s a blush and two palettes as well.


My wishlist

Luckily enough, ships to The Netherlands, meaning that I will be able to get my hands on these products some time soon. Not all products available on the website can be shipped to Europe though, so make sure you check your basket before you place an order. Also, order above $75 have a €10 flat rate shipping, but you should bare in mind that about 20% of the total price of your order will have to be paid in duties. automatically calculates those costs for you, but you won’t see those costs pop up until the end of your ordering process. It is hence by no means a cheap ordeal, but 20% in duties doesn’t get you a ticket to the US. Here’s what I hope to order eventually.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour palette

I do not own any contour palettes. I wanted to get this one when I was in the States last summer, but by the time I made up my mind it had sold out and I could no longer find it. I tried this and the Anastasia Contour Kit and this one suited my skin tone a lot better I find. Initially I felt I could also get the Smashbox one which I can get from the beauty shop around the corner from my house.Since that is as expensive the Kat Von D and features half the amount of product, I figured I might as well buy this instead.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipstick in Lovesick, Double Dare, A-Go-Go

Sticking to Kat Von D, I would love to get some more of her Everlasting Liquid lipsticks. Seeing they are my favorite liquid lipsticks I have tried so far, I think that getting a few more will be a safe bet. Lovesick is a cult favorite and a color that has received lots of buzz. When I swatched it in store last summer, I remember liking it a lot so I think it will be a good nude to own. Double Dare is a my lips but better shade, at least I hope it is and I don’t own that many bright liquid lipsticks as of yet, so I figured that A-Go-Go would nicely fill that blank.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Prayer

I am an absolute sucker for dark berry/ plum/ wine shades for my lips and after trying the liquid lipsticks, I think trying another Kat Von D lipstick would be a good try. One of the 100 point perks I picked up at Sephora last summer was a mini Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolite, but as it is so cute and dainty I don’t want to wear it. Prayer is a deep wine colored lipstick that I think will look stunning on year round.

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Amazonian Clay eyeshadow palette

When I spotted the Tarte line at Sephora, I wasn’t very impressed by the brand. Yet, everyone raves about them. I thought the original Tartelette palette looked especially underwhelming and the colors weren’t exactly for me. But then just before the Holidays, this palette was released as an Ulta exclusive and I already knew that once Sephora would stock this, I would want to get my hands on it. It has the perfect mix of warm and cool toned shadows, with a hint of a pinky/ purple hue. I was impressed by the reviews I’ve seen so far of this, and I think it will be a good addition to feed my eyeshadow palette addiction.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Achiote

Another beauty cult favorite are the Amazonian Clay blushes by Tarte. Again, when I saw them in real life I wasn’t too impressed. The blushes hardly gave off any colors and they all looked very similar once swatched. Hence, I didn’t know what color to pick. Until I was inside Macy’s and found this shade. I was undecided at that moment and didn’t find it anywhere else since that moment. It is the perfect coral blush shade and I love those blush shades come spring/ summer.

Bite Beauty Luminous Crème lipstick in Mulberry & Palomino

Last but not least, I hope to expand my number of Bite Beauty lipsticks. I own one: Juniper, which was a limited edition berry shade over summer. I had Mulberry applied by an MUA and loved it on me and Palomino is the shade that instantly caught my eye when I checked out the line. Only thing is that you can only have so many berry colored lipsticks, but then again, it is one of my most favorite shades to wear. Oddly enough, Mulberry is only available through the Canadian Sephora website, but once placed in your basket there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference.

Given the chance, what would you order from

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  1. baublesandknots Avatar

    I’m about ready for a new tube of mascara & I love shopping online for all the free samples! Gotta earn those beauty points!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Hahaha yeah! I was finally upgraded to VIB status last summer. So I am trying to maintain that 😉

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