Weekly groceries

It’s been a while since I showed my weekly groceries. I showed it twice before, both of which were in 2014 (here & here). I pretty much buy roughly the same foods still, but it has changed a little bit since then. In 2013, I decided to go wheat free and for the most part I was very much into trying many different foods. I looked into superfoods, gluten free and all natural foods, which lead to a very experimental phase when it came to my food shopping. By now, I have a pretty good idea of what I like and don’t like (and more importantly need and don’t need) and so what I buy has changed a little bit. I thought I’d show you what I bought on my weekly grocery run last Saturday.

Weekly groceries & a few food staples

In the picture above, there are all the foods that I bought for this week. It also features a few foods I bought the week before as they are staples in my pantry and thus items I keep stocked at all times. So in a way this blog will give you an overview of what I eat in a week at the same time. It won’t cover every meal as I always keep meals in my fridge which I can take with me to work, but this does give you a good idea of what I have in a week.

Buckwheat pasta, oats, rye bread & rye crackers

I am still mostly going wheat free. I also bought half a loaf of bread, but since that was pretty much gone by the time I took these pictures I couldn’t feature it in the picture. I love eating bread during the weekend. I still try to limit the amount of wheat I eat, but in the past year, my intolerance to wheat has been limited to some unease, and only if I eat too much. A few slices a week I can handle by now. But for the most part I still focus on wheat free grains. I eat some carbs every day as I have been working out more these past few months, so my body needs it. There’s buckwheat pasta for a pasta salad I want to make for this week, oats for my morning porridge, rye bread for my late afternoon snack on the train home, and some rye crisp breads which I love having on my day off and as a quick meal at night.

Falafel, pesto, smoked salmon

The pesto and smoked salmon I bought for putting in my pasta salad, so they’re a one off. The falafel is a staple ever since I found it. What it is? Ball made out of chick peas with tons of herbs and spices. I love these for a quick warm meal after a long day at work. Chick peas are packed with protein and a good substitute for meat. I am not vegetarian or vegan and do eat meat from time to time, but I don’t eat meat every week. I find that chick peas, beans and lentils are a good way to still get what your body needs.

Almond milk, Greek yoghurt, eggs, coconut milk, cheese slices

For dairy, I sub some for plant-based versions, but not all. I always buy organic eggs, but for yoghurt and cheese I am much more looking for ingredients rather than where it came from. I find that despite products having the label ‘organic’ the ingredients can still be a bit meh. I buy Greek yoghurt as it has a lower count of carbs than most yoghurt and the cheese has the fewest ingredients I have ever found in a cheese. The almond milk I show here isn’t my favorite as I prefer the organic Provamel brand, but it works for the purpose of making my morning porridge.

Frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, avocado, bananas, pears, grapefruit

I always keep some frozen berries in my freezer for making smoothies. I use coconut milk to make them and I have one typically once a week. I use bananas in my breakfast on a daily basis and I take pears to work and usually have them around lunch time. Avocados are my newest food obsession which I love squashed up and then spread on crisp breads with some salt and pepper. Finally I like having some squeezed juice with my Sunday morning breakfast and I decided to go with grapefruit juice to change things up.

Rocket salad, red lentils, pumpkin, peppers, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots

The area of the supermarket I spend the most time in is the produce section. I’ve been trying to do some more cooking again. For one because I need to restock my fridge but also because I want to eat something other than crisp breads and falafel for dinner. I am looking to make a lentil-pumpkin-pepper soup later this week for stocking my freezer. The rocket salad is for accompanying my pasta salad which will serve as lunch and dinner a few times this week. Finally, I am looking to make a zucchini ‘pasta’ with cauliflower ‘alfredo’ sauce meal and the other veggies I use as snacks.

What do you eat in a week?

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