You are my sunshine blog award

To my surprise, Cassy from Baubles & Knots, added me to her list of blogs she thinks deserve a bit more attention. And I couldn’t be more grateful. It was a very pleasant surprise to see her comment pop up in my About section to let me know she had picked me. Despite the fact that I have been blogging for over 5 years, every comment, every follower and every like still brings a smile to my face. So thanks to Cassy for making me feel honored.

While you’re at it, make sure to also check out Cassy’s blog. Her blog is mainly about style, with a strong emphasis on personal style, something I like writing about myself. She likes a slightly preppier style, with an emphasis on good classics and the occasional statement piece. Her blog posts usually feature an explanation of where she got her inspiration from. Be it colors, or a certain style, she will always try to put her on swing on things.

What is the Sunshine blogger award? You give it to whichever blog you find inspiring, uplifting or that just adds a little bit of light to your day. I have taken the following rules from Cassy’s blog, which she adapted to suit her needs.

My Sunshine Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominator.
  • Nominate other bloggers that bring sunshine to your day.
  • Ask your nominees as many thoughtful questions as you so desire.
  • Please click to all the nominated blogs & follow at will.

She also formulated a few questions for me to answer. This is them!

Is there a favorite book/movie/band/artist that influences your personal style?

Not really. I try to take bits and pieces from everything I see. From Youtubers to fashion magazines, to simply what’s on offer in different stores. I think the latter is quite possibly my main inspiration. I will simply feel inspired by what I see in the latest H&M catalogue or dresses that I find on ASOS. But mainly I think, I take that inspiration from my own closet. I can look at the trends for a certain season and go like: yup, own that, no don’t own that. And then I will buy a few pieces that will suit my fashion needs. However, I can wear combo’s long after they went out of style if I find they simply looked good on me. My current favorites? Jeans & jumpers, skirts & thin knits, and ‘wiggle’ dresses. But yes, I also still have that boxy 80s vintage blazer that I bought when I went through a more androgynous phase and I make sure I maintain a good deal of fashion staples such as a white button down (LOVE!), a good pair of denim jeans and a little black dress.

Do you think it is important to unplug & how do you balance this while participating in a digital world?

Funny thing you ask, since i just recently wrote a blog post about how I like to unplug. So yes, I find it very important to unplug and take time away from the Interwebs. I unplug by reading books and trying to do activities away from the computer. Yet of course I blog and also for work I have to go through large amounts of e-mails, so not being on a computer never really happens in a day. However, what I have done in the past, when I travel, I try to have all my blog posts up and since I don’t bring a computer, it is not always easy to go online then. And I absolutely love it.

What does style mean to you?

Great question! To me, style has always been a way to express myself. I’ve had a knack for knowing what I wanted to wear since I was very small. Just for the record: I had a favorite sweater when I was a 2-year-old (I am wearing it here). This only grew stronger and stronger as I got older. I had a wacky fashion sense throughout my teens and wore exactly the opposite of what was expected by my peers. I even cut my hair short for added effect. I kept on honing my fashion sense throughout my college years and I found my girly side when I first worked my first ‘real’ job as a teacher while doing my Master’s. And it just keeps changing and changing. So what style means to me? A way to express my individuality and explore and express who I am.

Right, so now it’s up to me to make up questions and invite people to also do this post. Thing is, I hardly know anyone anymore who keeps a blog. 🙁  I can only think of one person who is still blogging regularly that I know. So Janske, I hereby award you with the Sunshine Award, as your Lola posts put a smile on my face regularly. If you are interested in being tagged here as well, just leave a comment down below and we can exchange links.

Here are my questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What are your blogging ambitions?
  3. What are your three favorite blogs and why?
  4. Who or what inspires you most?
  5. If you could leave one message you want to be remembered by, what would it be?

I hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. So glad you participated! I feel pretty inspired by the movies & tv that I watch, but as you’ve seen in my blog I draw upon what’s currently in my closet. I like how our style can evolve & grow as we do. ☺

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