What I’ve been up to #2

It’s been slow going on the Instagram front for me. I am simply too busy to be taking and post pictures on a regular basis. So I post something whenever I don’t forget to do so. That’s why there have been fewer pictures to show you what I have been up to as well. But today I will do a short round up of what has been going on in my life.

Trying out new make up for one!

I created this stunning smokey eye with the Stila Eyes are the Windown of the Spirit palette. This Stila palette needs a lot more love! I have yet to post a full review, but I absolutely love the quality of these shadows.

I went to Amsterdam to buy some jeans but figured that there they would have and H&M beauty counter. I picked up some their products. I already reviewed the bronzer and am working on putting together the rest.

One of the reasons why I’m busy is because work is busy. A few weeks ago that led to many rewarding views of sunrises. By now it’s already quite bright by the time I leave for work, so I miss these pretty views, but it does mean that I can take some pictures of make up looks in the morning.

Fresh flowers have become a staple in my house ever since spring hit. I bought two vases in the past few months so I could have some flowers around come spring time and I’ve been putting them to good use. If you’re wondering why this is so new for me: I struggled with the worst case of hayfever for years and then fresh flowers aren’t a very good idea.

One of the best things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Why, swatching some make up of course. I just sat and swatched half of my make up stash that day. I love doing it as it makes me reach for other products and come up with new make up looks to try.

I purchased some CDs again. The influx of cool releases has been minimal so far, but there are few coming out that I want to get my hands on. The new DIIV record was one of them and after seeing them live with some friends I had to have Savages newest of course.

When Catrice and Essence release new LEs I have to check them out. I spotted this LE Essence eyeshadow palette when I was shopping some new Catrice products. I posted a full review here.

This stunner of a jacket was part of my spring fashion haul. I bought it from ZARA during the same round of shopping as the H&M Beauty bits I showed you before. I love the feel of the fabric and the embroidery is just stunning.

In February I visited my first ever blogger event. I went to the Ladies Night of the My Brand store in The Hague. And there they had lots of sweet deliciousness for us to try.

The other day someone I used to know way back in the day, posted this on Facebook. If you are confused as to what is going on here: I used to be part of the Carnival group in my town. I was one of the resident dancers for the Prince for 4 – 5 years when I was a kid. Can you spot me?

March was an exciting month book wise! Cassandra Clare’s new Shadowhunters series, The Dark Artifices was released. I bought Lady Midnight and read it pretty much straight away. I reviewed it in my March book review.

A few more fashion bits I picked up during the last last bit of the January sales (which seem to last until early March these days, but oh well). I scored 4 pairs of shoes for next to nothing. I know, I know, it’s excessive, but I am now set when it comes to plain black heels and when it comes to fun sneakers for spring/ summer.

With spring comes new make up collections and both Chanel and Dior had a few stunning products in their spring limited editions. I picked up a Dior Highlighter and this Chanel blush, which I reviewed here.

Not only flowers are amping up my living space. I also bought a new plant. It was an impulse buy as I was at the grocery store late at night and spotted this little guy. I loved the green/ cream pattern on the leaves. There was only one problem: as I didn’t know what plant it was I had no clue how to take care of it. So I asked on Facebook and this is apparently a Dieffenbachia. It is still standing and alive as we speak and I hope to keep it that way.

Last but not least, I went to a hairdresser during Easter weekend. I took this pic to show the result to the world. It’s a fair bit shorter and I debuted it in my spring fashion haul.

Enjoy your Sunday! What have you been up to lately?

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