First impression make up tutorial

While in London, I came, I walked and I shopped. Not only books like I showed you last week, but also some make up products. Rather than doing a haul, I decided to record a video where I try some of those new products live on my face. I also give you a full recap at the end to show you how well the make up lasted throughout a full day of wear. I hope you enjoy this type of video, it’s something different again, and let me know in a comment below what your favorite product is that I used!

Let’s put some new make up to the test!

The look here may not look too over the top, but I used 10 (!!) different eye shadows to create it. I just wanted to try as many shades from the new limited edition Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette as I possibly could. Other than that there is a new foundation, concealer and face powder. I believe the only two items I used to create this look that are good old favorites are my eye shadow primer and my mascara. Everything else was new and I hadn’t tried it before apart from some swatches.

Products used:

The eye look was just something I threw together on the fly. There is a mix of cool tones and warm tones that work surprisingly well together. I used most of my favorite shades from the palette and I think the resulting look is quite stunning, be it a bit out there for daily use.

Overall, I felt confident in this look. The lipstick didn’t last very long but I think I need to give it a good chance to let it dry so it can stay put a little bit better. The foundation and concealer were very nice and some of my favorites here. The contour faded quite a bit throughout the day, but I like the quality of the powders nonetheless. My brows were also on point and there are definitely products here that will becomes favorites in my stash.

What product are you most excited about?

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