Vintage Vamp | NYX Face Awards 2016 NL Entry

This post is a bit of a last minute decision, so I hope you like it! Last week I discovered that the NYX Face Awards are being held in Holland for the first time. And so I decided to enter. Not because I’m such an amazing make up artist, but just because I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m not a pro, but since I love make up and love playing around with it, I decided to go for it. And so I spent most of my Saturday filming, editing and uploading my entry. You can view it after the cut as well as a full list of products used!

Video: Vintage Vamp | NYX Face Awards 2016 NL Entry

My take on a more glam and vampy version of a 20s flapper girl…

***NOTE*** The video is in Dutch, as the video was created for the Dutch competition. So I apologize if you can’t follow anything of what I’m saying. I will give a short description of the process in English below.

The minute I read about the competition, I knew I wanted to do a new version of a vintage, 1920s flapper girl look. For one, because I’ve done them in the past, but mostly because it was something I knew I had all the products for. All I did was go out and buy a wig and a fake cigarette holder, but the make up I used were all products from my current make up collection. I wanted to transform myself and show some make up skills, but didn’t want to go too overboard.

For this look, I started by blocking out part of my brows with a skin toned eye pencil. Brows were thin and droopy in the 20s and I wanted to go for that look. I then accentuated the thin brow with some brow pommade. Next were the eyes, as they were dark and smokey in the 1920s, and doing them after base would only create a right old mess.

I started off with a black and dark red creamy base, which I applied after using some sticky tape to create a nice sharp edge for that vampy cat eye look. I then set everything with black, burgundy and dark grey shadows, blending, removing and reapplying shadows until I was happy with the overall look. I left the lower lash line blank for the time being.

After eyes, I applied my face make up. Starting with a foundation that is currently too light for me, as in the 1920s, skin was preferred nearly white. I then went in with concealer and powdered with a loose translucent powder to set everything and make it more matte. Because the 20s were all about that matte look. I then applied the lower lash eye make up, pretty much repeating the steps from the upper lash line.

And then I applied lips! I drew on a 1920s shaped Clara Bow mouth with lip liner, filled it in with a matching lipstick, then darkened the edge with black eye liner and went over with the lipstick to blend. I applied some concealer all around to clean things up. I finished off the look with lashes, mascara and a bit of tight lining. And that’s it!

Products used:

I hope you liked this extra video and spur of the moment decision. Tomorrow we’ll be going back to normal with a food related blog post. And let’s cross everything in the hopes that I make it into the top 20. If you’d like, you would help me out tremendously, if you view, like, and share the video as much as possible.

What do you think of this look?

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