My most worn dresses

You may or may not know that I love a good dress. A few years ago the only thing I’d wear were dresses. Now, I like changing it up a bit more, and wear different types of outfits throughout the week. But there always those items in your closet that you wear more than others. The same goes for my dresses! I selected my 5 most worn dresses to show you today.

The 5 most worn dresses in my wardrobe

Not all of these dresses are summer dresses per se. These are the type of dresses that I wear regardless the season. They work in any weather and with a cardigan or blazer on top they are simply the most versatile dresses in my wardrobe. I will try to link to any lookbooks where I am wearing these if I wore these in a lookbook. That made me think: I haven’t done a lookbook in a while. So please let me know if you’d like me to bring them back!

H&M Pleated red skater dress

I don’t think I ever showed this dress on here. This red dress is made of a rather thick material, which makes this dress feel very sturdy and comfortable. I like wearing this on colder days. And since I like a pop of color, a red dress is the perfect way to do that. In any case, red is my favorite color, so I love wearing this simply because of that. H&M brings back this type of dress in multiple colors, usually around fall/ Christmas time, so keep a look out for that if you like the look of this one.

H&M grey marled skater dress with V back

When I first bought this dress I wouldn’t and couldn’t know it would become such a favorite. It has a deep V in the back, which made me doubt the purchase at first. But then I found that this color is so easy to combine with pretty much anything else I own. That’s why it’s become a staple. The fabric is a bit synthetic but surprisingly non sweaty. It hardly creases which makes this perfect for chucking into a suitcase when you travel and it’s just one of those dresses I throw on when I don’t know what to wear.

Forever 21 green skater dress with fitted waist and knotted detail

Quite possibly the oldest dress in this blog post! I bought this years ago from Forever 21 in London. I still have it and still wear it. It is again an easy dress to just chuck on. The fact that it’s green makes it less versatile than the grey number you just saw. It does go with a lot of different items, but greys and blacks are best suited to throw into the mix. That’s why I mostly wear this dress during fall/ winter. But in spring/ summer, provided it is hot enough, this doubles up as a great summer dress if worn by itself.

H&M black & white jagged stripe skater dress

I think that if one dress in this blog posts deserves the title most worn dress it has to be this one. It’s monochrome color scheme makes it go with everything! With burgundy cardigans for fall/ winter and yellow for spring/ summer. This is another one of those dresses you just chuck on and you’re out the door. It simply makes every outfit work and the fit of this is so nice and easy. Hands down one of the most comfortable dresses I own.

Forever 21 blue & white floral shift dress

This is one of those dress that I just love because of its pattern. It reminds me of Delft blue crockery and that is why I bought it. I bought this on a whim during a late night online shopping spree and it has become one of my favorite dresses since. Bright and lively this dress makes an outfit on its own and needs little to no accessories or dressing up. With the right pair of heels this is perfect for a garden party, but with a pair of beat up converse it becomes a super casual piece just as easily.

What are your most worn pieces?

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