The 3 ingredient salad

The 3 ingredient salad. A staple in my food arsenal. I haven’t had one in a while, but back when I was super strict with my no wheat/ no grains mantra, I had these on the regular. The reason why I am posting about it now, is because I need to get back on track and start eating a bit healthier again. So this post serves as inspiration for myself! After this week my vacation will start and hopefully that will mean a change of pace, which will hopefully make it easier to make some healthier choices again.

3 ingredient salad

The principle for making 3 ingredient salads is simple: you pick your greens and then add some protein. Mostly I chuck in some leafy green such as rocket or mixed salad and add in some sprouts for some crunch and a different texture. Then you add a source a protein on top: that is what will keep you full. The best source of protein? A good serving of fatty fish. Trout or mackerel are my usual choices. Let me take you through what I’ve used in these pictures.

The first too salads are almost identical. Only the fish is different. Here I’ve made my favorite combinations: trout or mackerel with sprouts and mixed salad. In the picture at the top, you will see I sneaked in some cucumber as well. I find these salads also an easy to use up any other fresh veggies that you might have lying about and need to use up. The fish I buy btw is smoked fish, the mackerel even has its skin left. It makes for a bit of messy eating, but in the end it’s well worth it.

My second salad is a variation on my standard version. Instead of using mixed salad, I’ve used another type of leafy green: spinach! I find that spinach is a type of veggie that makes you feel full a lot longer than just straight up salad. There’s a lot more fiber in it and takes longer to digest. I sometimes buy baby leaf spinach as that is even easier to use. You just wash it et voila: you’re done. The fish I used here is mackerel, but this time with a peppercorn coating. I added some olives for good measure and you have yourself one delicious meal.

Why I loved these salads so much? Because they are super quick and easy to make! You can whip this up in 5 minutes flat. On top of that, they pack a good deal of nutrients, but beware: if this is your lunch then you may need something a few hours later. If you try to make that snack some more raw veggies, you’ll have a well-balanced, afternoon meal plan going for you. That’s how I used to have this and that’s how I plan on having this again. Right, now I’m off going through old food blogposts to get some more inspiration for the upcoming weeks.

What meals do you have when you want to eat healthier foods?

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