New in: Catrice Fall/ Winter 2016 & more

The other day I couldn’t believe my luck when I went shopping with my friend. I was in Kruidvat and spotted the renewed Catrice make up line. All of the new products for fall/ winter had already been added to their display. Add in a few bits from Essence that I still wanted to try, the only untouched I <3 Make Up palette left in the display and some Milani lippies and you have a pretty good haul. Watch me talk you through the bits I picked up while swatching away.

A bag full of make up, plus tons of swatches

In case you didn’t already know: Catrice changes their make up line every 6 months. As does it’s sister brand Essence, though they are a bit slower on getting their products into stores. A ton of products are taken out of the range and new ones are added back in. This way the line stays current and on trend and this time round there surely were some cool new products to try. Think of a make up fixing spray and a highlighter palette.

Products mentioned:

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