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Once upon a time, I had this grant idea to show you some beauty products, not in order of how much I love them or how many people rave about them, but by color. So far I only did 4 of these color over views, coral, peach and burgundy. I thought it would be a shame to let the idea go to waste, so I’ve decided to continue the series and what better way to do so than with the color blue. I already said it in yesterday’s post, but blue is one of my favorite colors for summer hence the reason why I think there isn’t a time better suited for this blog post.

10 blue items from my make up collection

One thing I like about doing these posts is that you can see that blue is never just blue. There are so many variations and that’s why this is especially a fun color to play with. I have some nail polish, eye shadow and eye liner to show you. No lipsticks as I have not yet been brave enough to purchase a genuinely blue lipstick. However, I do have an LA Splash liquid lipstick that comes close.

H&M nail polish Blue my mind

I highly doubt this nail polish is still available, but what I do know is that this is quite possibly my brightest blue nail polish. This cobalt blue shade is even more vibrant than the one I showed you in yesterday’s post. I love this type of bang in your face blue for a very apt summer nail.

Essence Over the Rainbow

This polish isn’t exactly blue, but it definitely has a blue base. It is a very special one too as it appears to have a bit of a holographic, multi-toned shift. Hence the name: when held in the light just the right way, this has a rainbow like shift to it. Very interesting polish indeed, sadly I don’t think you can still get this either.

Catrice Cruise Couture gel eyeliner 01 Nautica

Apologies for the LE items I’m showing you, but this gel eyeliner by Catrice is the perfect matte navy blue. Which is why I loved it so much. I don’t wear a lot of gel eyeliner anymore though, but looking at this makes me think I should again.

Inglot Gel eyeliner matte 83

Inglot is no longer widely sold in The Netherlands anymore and it’s such a shame as they used to be a great brand. This gel eyeliner hasn’t had much love, but when I spotted this, I just fell in love with the color. However, indigo blue isn’t exactly a shade I will wear on the daily, which is why this looks so little used.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes Blue Lotus

A navy blue eye liner is of course another must have. I absolutely adore this shade. Zoeva liners are also really great products: they are very creamy and are easy to smudge. I love wearing this on my lower lashline and using a navy shadow to smudge it out even further.

Catrice Kohl Kajal 170 Blues Willis

A much paler, pastel blue can also be very pretty. This Kohl Kajal by Catrice is another very creamy formula and something quite different from the usual. Which is why I like it.

Rimmel ScandalEyes 014 Bright Blue

Another shade that has been discontinued, but that is oh so stunning. Bright Blues is another one of those vibrant blue colors that I think is perfect for summer. This does have a tendency to look a little bit dated if it is too prominent in an eye look, but it is a pretty shade nonetheless.

L’Oreal Infallible 889 Midnight Blue

The L’Oreal Infallible shadows are such a drugstore gem. If you have never tried these and try and hunt them down because they are well worth the investment. I have several shades from the line, but this has to be my favorite. A thoroughly deep deep blue, I love this type of shade in the fall.

Dior 5 Couleur eyeshadow Twilight

The midnight blue in this one is another stunner of an eye shadow. Dior shadow is one of my favorite formulas and this eyeshadow palette used to be one of my favorites. I don’t use it that often anymore, but I’m always pleased with the looks that come out of this little palette.

Inglot midnight blue

Very similar to the L’Oreal shadow, but a tad brighter and intense, is this Inglot shadow. Forgive me, as I forget what number this is. It has a very vibrant flash of blue and is part of one of my two fall eye shadow palettes that I made using their Freedom System.

Catrice – Inglot – Zoeva – Catrice – Rimmel – L’Oreal – Dior – Inglot

All swatches in a row, minus the polishes. As you can see here, blue isn’t always blue. Hopefully this shows you a little bit why I adore all of these products. Even though they are quite bright, deep and in your face, I can still use these and make them work.

What is your favorite blue make up product?

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