Top 5 eyeshadows

Picking my 5 favorite eyeshadows is a nightmare. Since it is my favorite ever make up product, I own quite a few. However, there are just a few shades in my make up collection that I reach for time and time again. Simply because they are the prettiest, most stunning shades I own. Now I could’ve picked a bunch of these, but I thought to start off with just 5. We can always make this a continuing series if you’re interested in seeing more.

My top 5 eyeshadow picks: a mix of drugstore and high end.

Not only do these eyeshadows represent some of my favorite shades ever; they are also by some of my favorite brand for eye shadow. MAC and Urban Decay are long time favorites. However, the L’Oreal Infallible and Catrice Liquid Metal formulas are some of my favorites from the drugstore. And where would we be without the Inglot Freedom Systems? Awesome formula, great color selection and the best part: you can build your own.

Inglot Pearl 429

Let’s start with Inglot. I build this palette to have some more pastel/ spring shades. I wanted mostly mattes, but of course my favorite ends up having shimmer. This shade is a gorgeous lavender/ periwinkle blue. It has a very interesting shift which makes this shade very unique. One of my go to spring time colors.

Catrice Liquid Metal Under Treasure

Catrice’s Liquid Metal formula is one that has long been a favorite of mine. It is shimmery, it is blendable and the shade range was pretty good. Was, because these seem to have been discontinued and aren’t stocked in most drugstores anymore. A shame as it is one of the best affordable eyeshadow formulas out there.

L’Oreal Infallible Sahara Treasure

Another taupe shade, I love taupe!, is this L’Oreal Infallible shadow. Infallible shadows are quite possibly THE best eyeshadow formula of all time. A pressed pigment that has some seriously intense pigmentation, these shadows were a slow burner in the make up world. Still available some places, but now discontinued in The Netherlands.

Urban Decay Vice 2 Stash

Can we talk about Stash by Urban Decay for a second? Not only is it featured in a Vice palette (some of my favorite all time palettes), but it is also one of the most gorgeous olive green shades. It has just the perfect blend of green and gold and this is a great all over the lid shade. I pretty much bought Vice 2 because of this shade (and some others) as it truly stands out in formula and pigmentation.

MAC Woodwinked

The classic of all classics: Woodwinked is the perfect one shadows look. This is one of those shades that simply transforms. You put this on and you think, hm pretty, then you blend it out into the crease and it seems to change into a much darker shade. I also love how this is gold, but not too gold. One of those shades that looks like nothing in the pan, yet creates a beautiful wash of color on the lid.

Inglot Pearl 429 – Catrice Under Treasure – L’Oreal Sahara Treasure
Urban Decay Stash – MAC Woodwinked

There you have it! Five eyeshadow shades that are musthaves in my make up collection. For obvious reasons if you just looks at those swatches. Pearl 429 is a nicely pigmented vibrant color. Under Treasure and Sahara Treasure may seem very similar, but I’m simply a sucker for these shades. Stash and Woodwinked are absolute stunners as well and deserve a bit of extra love.

What are your favorite eyeshadow shades?

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