Milani Amore Matt & Amore Mattallics liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are still very much on trend and it’s great that some more affordable brands have started putting them out as well. Milani is not that affordable where I live, as it has to be imported, but I was still very curious after people raving about their Amore Matt and Amore Mattallics lip creams. Make Up By Tatou, a newly launched beauty shop in my town, happened to stock both varieties. I picked up some to give them a shot.

Milani Amore Matt 22 Amore
Milani Amore Mattallics 06 Matterly in Love, 07 Automatic Touch, 01 Chromatic Addict

These Amore Matt lipsticks all retail for around €12 a piece. Which, if it is a good liquid lipstick, isn’t too much in my book. NYX Liquid Suede and La Splash are very close in price. They aren’t the most affordable per se, but they aren’t a whooping $20 like my favorite Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. But that line doesn’t feature any metallic lipsticks. At least not yet.

I picked up 4 lipsticks in total. I didn’t have a good matte red liquid lipstick just yet and so I went with Amore from the regular line. I had heard Jessica from JAMBeauty89 on Youtube rave about this, and so I decided to give it a try. The Amore MATTallics liquid lip cremes I first heard about from Tati of Glamlifeguru. She loved them and when I spotted these alongside the regular line I just had to try them. Since the swatches were absolutely beautiful in store, I picked up three.

Milani Amore Matt liquid lipstick 22 Amore

Amore is your typical bright red lip. But this time in liquid form! This formula is quite thin and dries down completely matte without feeling uncomfortable on the lip. The shade is stunning, as you can see below, but I found the overall way this wore and applied to be not my favorite. The doe foot applicator is too straight for a very precise application.

Because of the thin formula, the lipstick applies quite sheer and you need at least 2 layers for it to go on opaque. This didn’t exactly feather or bleed into my lip line, but the way this wore throughout the day was quite patchy.

Milani Amore MATTallics 06 Matterly in Love

Matterly in Love was the first shade I knew I had to get. I think it is so unique. It looks pink in some lights and red in others. Let’s just call it a great pinky toned red, like that of a very ripe and juicy raspberry. It’s a very wearable shade too. There is definitely some metallic shine going on in this one, but it isn’t as full on as some of the others in this line.

Milani Amore MATTallics 07 Automatic Touch

Automatic Touch was one dubbed a favorite by Tati, and I can see why. This shade is again very unique: a pink toned purple. The metallic shine in this is a touch stronger than Matterly in Love, but still very wearable. It was surprisingly wearable despite its brightness.

I also find the Amore Mattallics easy to apply and they have good staying power. I would say they stay for most of the day and definitely survive a meal. A touch up may be required, but they can stay on longer on dryer patches on your lips. So the wear of these is also quite patchy, but they wear more nicely than the Amore Matt.

Milani Amore MATTallics 01 Chromatic Addict

When is the last time you wore a full on chromatic lip? Not me in any case and that is not why I bought Chromatic Addict. This lipstick is definitely the most intensely metallic shade in the collection. It has a lot of shine and an interesting champagne to rose gold shine to it.

Chromatic Addict is like liquid metal for your lips. I bought this to spice up an otherwise boring, matte lip look. I have a few of these super shimmery lipsticks and I think they work best dabbed onto the center of the lip to make the lip look more plum and full. Especially paired with a matte nude lip, I think Chromatic Addict can look stunning.

Amore – Matterly in Love – Automatic Touch – Chromatic Addict

Apologies for the awful swatch of Chromatic Addict, but you get the idea. Swatched on the arm these lipsticks stay put until you use a make up remover. When eating, especially anything that is quite oily or liquidy, will break up the lipstick a lot quicker and make it disappear.

The colors are absolutely stunning and you can also see how quick these dry down to their actual finish. The formula of all of these is thin, which allows them to settle down quickly, but they still give you enough play time to touch up any mistakes you may have made.

Amore – Matterly in Love
Automatic Touch – Chromatic Addict

On the lips you can see that Amore is a tad sheer on the lower lip. It’s a tad patchy and I found this to transfer most. Matterly in Love is more pink on my lips than in the swatch. Automatic Touch appears to have more of a blueish undertone to it and Chromatic Addict pulls up more peachy beige.

These will all transfer a little bit throughout the day. But the plus side of that is that they do not fall apart on your lips like some longwearing liquid lipsticks. They do dry down, but they stay pliable on your lips. This means that they are insanely comfortable to wear, especially for a liquid lip. These do not put a nasty glue like layer on your lips.

Amore – Matterly in Love

I told you Amore is a beautiful shade did I not? This type of red suits me very very well and that’s why I love it. It’s simply the perfect red shade for me, which is why I’ll continue to wear this even though it’s not the most perfect liquid lipstick formula wise.

Matterly in Love and Automatic Touch have to be my two favorites in the bunch. They are both surprisingly flattering and wearable and I will totally be rocking these to work. (FYI: I pretty much wear any make up to work). Chromatic Addict is the least wearable lipstick here, but like I said I plan on wearing this in the center of my lip when I want to amp up an otherwise dull, matte nude lip.

Automatic Touch – Chromatic Addict

I absolutely adore the Milani Amore MATTallics lip cremes! They are some of my new favorite liquid lipsticks. So much so that I already went out and purchased two more shades. The Amore Matt lipsticks are beautiful as well, but there are a few ifs and buts to them, which do not make them perfect. If I could recommend you one product from this post, it would have to be either Matterly in Love or Automatic Touch.

How do you feel about the metallic lip trend?

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