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Lately I’ve been wondering what I would do if my make up collection suddenly disappeared or what I will do now that some of my older make up products are running out or going bad. I’ve been loving make up for more than 8 years now and where many products from that time have long since left my make up collection, there are a few products that have truly stood the test of time. These are the products I go back to time after time. If I don’t know what to wear, if I’m stuck in a make up rut, no matter the problem: these problems will see me through. Meet the high end make up products I could not live without.

What high end make up do you swear by?
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I have quite a few high end products that I feel I cannot live without. Simply because I think twice about purchasing a high end make up product. I truly see a high end make up product as an investment. Since I blog, I am always game to give things a shot, but since I spend my own money on 95% of the stuff you see on here, I do pick and choose what I want to try and what now. And I found some true gems in the mean time.

Dior DiorSkin Nude foundation 010 Ivory

Dior DiorSkin Nude foundation 010 Ivory

For the longest time, foundation wasn’t a staple in my make up routine. This foundation, coincidentally my first real foundation that worked for me, made that happen for me. I love the creamy smooth texture, I love the color match, I love how it doesn’t break me out. In short, this foundation is one that I love to keep around. I’ve used up more than half and come winter time, I’m sure to go back to it and I will repurchase this when it’s gone.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Medium

One of the oldest products in my collection is this MSF Natural by MAC. Can you see those rings? Yup, I’ve hit major pan on this and am about to use it up as we speak. I use this mostly during summer time. Since it has a hint of coverage, I love to just use this and a bit of concealer when the weather gets warmer. It stays on nicely, evens our my skin tone and doesn’t look too powdery. Must have product in my stash!

MAC Paint Pot Painterly

How beat up does this Painterly Paint Pot look? You know you’ve put your product through some intense love if the name is wearing off. In fact, this is on the verge of drying out, but I still love it. The best base for canceling out your lid shade and start your eye make up with a clean slate. I don’t use this on a daily basis, as my lids are too oily to be using this as a primer. However, I do get plenty of use out of it when I feel I want my shadow look to be bolder and more intense than usual.

MAC Matte lipstick Mehr
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Double Dare

For lips there’s two products: a classic lipstick and a liquid lipstick. MAC lipsticks have to be some of my favorites and the color Mehr shouldn’t surprise you as popping up in this blog post. Together with Russian Red it is my favorite MAC shades to wear. Mehr for a more neutral look, Russian Red for more of a statement. As far as liquid lipsticks go I haven’t yet decided which ones I like best, but the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks are up there in quality for me. I have a few shades now and love Double Dare: a stunning terracotta nude.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder Radiant Light
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer

Another one of those products that made it late into my make up game: bronzer. These are my two favorites. Hourglass’ powder is not marketed as a bronzer. In fact, on medium to dark skin tones this will do what it was meant to do: be a face powder. On a pale face like mine, it’s the most perfect glowy bronzer ever. For a matte option and a contour shade I love using Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It’s soft texture and easy way of use just makes it the most user friendly bronzer on the market.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush Mood Exposure
Benefit Coralista

On to two of my favorite blushes both in color and formula. The Hourglass blush formula is probably one of the best formulas out there. They cost an arm and a leg but they are well worth the investment. Mood Exposure is one of the most perfect barely there blush shades: my favorite type to wear during winter. As a bolder option, I couldn’t pass up mentioning Coralista. My all time favorite blush has a big dent in it by now and it’s one of those blushes I go back to all the time. Like the shade, but not the price tag? I feel I get a similar effect with Milani’s Luminoso.

Urban Decay Naked palettes (review of Naked 2 and Naked Smokey)

It’s is no secret that I am an eyeshadow junkie. So limiting myself in this category was hard. But if I have to pick one series of palettes that I go back to all the time, especially if I don’t know what to wear, it’s the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. I don’t care how many dupes there are out there, they don’t hold a candle to the originals. I love the versatility of the palettes, especially for a neutral palette and I love how you can mix and match across the palettes seamlessly. There isn’t one I love more than the other, but if I really had to pick a favorite than Naked 3 would probably win that battle.

What high end products do you swear by?

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  1. chucky1012 Avatar

    I see great make-up product!
    The palettes are a musthave 😉

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      They are!

  2. Susan Avatar

    Leuk om te lezen! Die Benefit blush is prachtig

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja he?! 😍

  3. Adryana Avatar

    I love love love my Naked Smoky palette! I am almost 100% sure that if I should finish the palette, I’m going to repurchase it.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It is my least favorite Naked palette, but the shades Slanted and Dagger are my ride or die shades for a true smokey eye.

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