Disappointing products

When you keep a blog like me, you try a lot of products. And not all of those products you try are going to work out for you. That’s exactly what has been happening to me lately. Sure, some of these products still work, or I can make them work. But because they aren’t 100% right for me, I know I will get little use out of them. Because no matter how much I love make up and beauty products, there’s a reason why some things become your favorite and other do not. Time to talk to you about some of my beauty and make up duds.

That’s my disappointing ‘meh’ face

Of course it could very well be, that some of the products I’m about to show you are your favorites. If so, then please don’t be offended. There are plenty of products by the brands I talk about here that I do love. And just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. In any case, I just thought it would be good to talk about some products that I had higher hopes for. Trust me when I say that 90% of the things I try I do really love.

Products mentioned:

What products didn’t work out for you?

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