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Living in The Netherlands is quite a terrible thing if you love make up. Many brands aren’t readily available here. Ever since Sephora left a few years ago, brands such as Urban Decay, Too Faced and Make Up Forever were only available online for a long time. Luckily for us, Urban Decay has hit the Dutch market again, but other brands can only be found online. This makes getting certain items incredibly difficult. There are a few products that fall into this category that I would like to share with you today.

These are my favorite hard to get items. What are yours?

The most annoying thing about these items is that they are 1) only available online or 2) only available if you travel abroad. Both apply to some of these products. But that doesn’t mean these aren’t beautiful products. So let’s have a closer look. I have linked up each item so you can have a look at reviews or blog posts where I’ve used the items.

Nars Laguna bronzer

I never officially reviewed this item, yet you can tell from the pan that this has had a lot of love. This bronzer is my go to summer bronzer as it is too dark for me most of the year. But it definitely a product I can work with. NARS is incredibly difficult to get a hold of here: only via the French Sephora website or if you happen to visit the UK.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer

Another old favorite, but one that I did get round to making a full review for. The Collection concealer is quite possibly the worst product in this post to try and get your hands on, but it is also the most affordable one. I believe this retails for 4 or 5 pounds, which is next to nothing. Only available in UK drugstores, yet this product is so good and has such a cult status that it warrants a trip to UK.

Milani Tea Rose powder blush

I purchased this blush at the same time I bought the infamous Luminoso. Milani is a US only brand, but it is available online. The only store in The Netherlands that I know sells Milani is located in my home town, Leiden, so you can get it, but you may have to travel a bit. Because it is imported, Milani is much more expensive over here though, yet I’m sure a trip to the US would most definitely be more expensive.

Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette

This limited edition gem was a complete streak of luck on my behalf. I simply walked in on it at Debenhams’  in London last May. Too Faced is one of those brands that sadly enough disappeared from The Netherlands when Sephora left, but then again, many of the limited editions don’t even make it over here. Yet, Too Faced is available online and rumor has it that this might be made permanent or at least make a return to the make up shelves for Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

This brand used to be a US Sephora exclusive, but these past years Kat Von D as a brand has been slowly making its way across the pond. It is available in Spain and as of this month I believe it will become available at Debenhams as well. One of my favorite Kat Von D products are the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. The review links to only 2 of the colors. As you can see, I currently own 5 and have another 3 on my wishlist.

Soap & Glory Archery brow pencil

Last but not least, my favorite all time brow pencil is by Soap & Glory. This brands’  beauty products are slowly making its way around the world. I’ve found Soap & Glory in Germany and the US, but never in The Netherlands (why oh why). Their make up is a bit harder to come by, even in the UK. You have to find a boots that sells Soap & Glory make up to find this gem and then hope it’s not sold out.

What are your favorite hard to get items?

17 responses to “Favorite hard to get items”

  1. Milani kan je ook gewoon bij Boozyshop oid bestellen! Dus daar is nog wel aan te komen 🙂 Too Faced wordt al wat lastiger. In December komt trouwens het Peach Palette weer terug met een hele Peach collectie!

    • Als je online besteld kun je alsnog niet swatchen ;-). Ik vind de keuze dan toch moeilijker en ben banger om een miskoop te maken. En het nieuws van Too Faced had ik ook gehoord idd.

  2. Love this post! I live in the uk and I have never actually tried the collection concealer 😥 but I’m definitely going to now! If you ever run out and want to get ur hands on it we can always work something out and I can send you one in the mail 🙂

    • You so should! Let me know how you fare with it. And that’s so sweet of you to offer! I currently have a completely new one that I have to start using. But I will keep it in mind if I ever need your help.

  3. Hoi, nars kan je ook bestellen via nars.eu. Maar dat blijft idd online. Super dat het pallette van too faced terug komt. Deze wou ik zo graag!

    • Volgens mij waren de verzendkosten van de NARS website ook altijd vrij hoog. Dat is net zoiets als dat je tegenwoordig ook prima Kat Von D via de Amerikaanse Sephora kan kopen, maar aangezien je al snel aan de 50 euro aan extra kosten zit, is het dan nog steeds niet echt betaalbaar.

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