Must have drugstore eyeshadow palettes

Make up offerings seem to change faster than a lightning bolt. While that sometimes makes it hard to keep up, it also keeps things fresh and interesting. I figured that in order to make some sense of the madness out there for you, I would talk to you about some of my must have make up products that are currently on the market. First up: drugstore eyeshadow palettes.

6 Must have drugstore eyeshadow palettes

Apart from one, all of these palettes have featured on this blog before. I review lots of eyeshadow as it is my favorite product to try out and my favorite make up item to apply. What’s even better is that an eyeshadow palette doesn’t have to break the bank either. There are some good affordable options out there. I have added links where possible to reviews of these products.

MUA Elysium eyeshadow palette

MUA is known for its affordable dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Their Undressed palette is a very popular dupe for the Naked 1, but did you know they also do a pretty decent dupe of the Naked 3? Meet the Elysium palette which features very similar gorgeous rosy shades at a fraction of the price. I bought this to take with me traveling. Because of the slim plastic case it makes this palette insanely travel friendly and what’s more, it saves me lugging around my precious Naked 3.

Catrice Absolute Matte eyeshadow palette

When it comes down to price/ quality ratio, then Catrice takes the absolute cake. Their formula is very powdery and easy to blend away if you’re too enthusiastic. However, with a light hand and a bit of patience these can be used to create stunning eye looks. My favorite of the ones I have is the Catrice Absolute Matte as it a good basic to have. Who’d have thought that a €5 matte palette from the drugstore could be this good?

Sleek I-Divine All Night Long

I’ve been on a super big Sleek kick lately. The brand had fallen off my radar for a bit, but since purchasing one of their latest I-Divine palettes, I fell right back in love. If you are on a budget and are looking for an eyeshadow palette that is neutral with a really pretty copper, than All Night Long is for you. Need something more colorful? Sleek can easily help you out in that department too as their palettes range from the bold and intense to the subtle and neutral.

I <3 Make Up Chocolate Vice

Another UK drugstore brand that has some stunning eyeshadow palettes is I <3 Make Up. A subdivision of Make Up Revolution, this brand is best known for their Too Faced Chocolate Bar dupes. This Chocolate Vice palette is their take on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and features a good selection of warm neutral shades. Pigmentation is great and the color selection unique for a drugstore brand.

Milani Every Day Eyes Earthy Elements

The only palette I haven’t yet reviewed, but one that is coming up very soon (come back Monday if you want the complete lowdown on this palette). It has a stunning orange shade, which is my current favorite color together with reds/ cranberries, for my fall make up looks. The other shades in this palette nicely complement that stellar orange tone and the quality is grand. A bit more pricy than some of the others I’ve shown so far, but well worth the price tag.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend

Remember what I said about liking cranberry shades this fall? I couldn’t think of a better palette to use for such a look than the Zoeva Cocoa Blend. This is a very warm toned palette and an absolute stunner. Shades are intensely pigmented and very easy to blend. This is the most expensive palette in this blog post, but mainly because Zoeva sadly upped their prices this year. To me, it is still worth the money, but at over €20 it is definitely on the steep end of the drugstore selections.

What are your must have eyeshadow palettes?

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  1. Wauw heel mooi! Die van Zoeva is mooi! Ik heb ook twee chocolade paletten en gebruik ze heel vaak.

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