DiorSkin Nude Air Luminizer (fall 2016 highlighter)

Dior has a new fall collection out in stores at the moment and am always excited when they do. When it comes to high end luxury make up, Dior is one of my favorite brands and their highlighters are usually amazing. I already own two: the 2014 spring and 2016 spring editions. So it will be no surprise to you, that when I spotted the Dior Fall 2016 collection in my local store I became the little magpie that I am and knew I had to had the Dior highlighter for fall 2016. Meet my newest beauty!

Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Luminizer Shimmering Sculpting Powder 001 Skyline 2016

Yes, yes, I know: this is an incredibly expensive product. So let’s get the price out of the way first shall we? At €54.90 this costs a sweet penny. Luckily I’m a member at my store and get a standard 10% discount. On top of that, the store now has a stamp system: if you have 6 stamps you get a 30% discount on your next purchase. And so I didn’t pay full price for this beauty of a product. In fact, I paid just over €30 for it. Still a lot of money, but definitely a lot better than paying full price.

As always, Dior products come in some stunning, be it quite excessive packaging. This highlighter is the same. It comes in a box with an insert. Underneath the insert is the velvet pouch you see below as well as a booklet with instructions. In the insert you find the compact with the product and a baby kabuki brush. Dior puts these kabuki brushes with many of their face products and they are actually of good quality which is a plus if you wish to use this product on the go.

Let’s have a closer look at the compact. The design of it is the same as the other two compacts I have. That makes it a tad difficult to keep them apart, but luckily I haven’t had any troubles so far. The compact has changed since my first purchase. Where the compacts used to be made out of metal and feel very heavy, they now are made of plastic. It’s a lot more lightweight and of course travel friendly, but unfortunately it doesn’t feel as luxury.

When you open up the compact, you will find a stunning highlighter inside. What I like about Dior highlighters is that they are not too intense and they come in interesting shades. This is no exception. The powder has the Nude Air name embossed in its surface, which makes this product almost too pretty to be dipping a brush in there. The lid of the compact has a mirror.

Daylight – Flash

The powder itself is an absolute stunner. The shade is pink toned gold. Some people asked me if this is similar to Champagne Pop by Becca, but I don’t think it is. This is more pink and less golden and less: pow in your face. For good measure, I added a picture with flash, as regular daylight just doesn’t do this powder any justice. It has an amazing sheen that my camera just wouldn’t pick up on in the pan.

Luckily for me, the swatches turned out a lot better. This highlighter is intense with a finger swatch, but when applied with a brush it is far less intense. Depending on how the light hits it is can be more pink or a bit more gold. In short, I think the shade is best described as a subtle rose gold.

The texture of this powder is as can be expected: smooth, not too powdery and easy to pick up with a brush. It blends out easily and stays on all day. This is the type of highlighter that has you checking your make up in the mirror several times a day to just admire the pretty shine on your cheeks.

Top: no highlight, Bottom: with Dior highlighter

The effect this highlighter gives is intense enough for it to be noticeable on your cheeks, but subtle enough for everyday. Shade wise this is spot on for my complexion. It is neither too cool nor too warm, but a perfect mix of the two. I do feel this shade probably works best on fair skin tones. If you are medium to dark skinned, this make come across too icy.

Full face

I can only conclude that I have found a great new highlighter to my rapidly expanding highlight collection. The Dior Nude Air Luminizer is perfect for any occasion and gives that perfect glowing from within look. I can highly recommend this product, despite the high price tag.

What highlighter have you been loving?

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