The one face travel make up bag

When I travel I like to pack light. I try not to take a ton of make up with me and keep it very simple. I will take enough make up with me to have a bit of variety, but for the most part, it revolves around a couple of similar products that I always pack. In short, this is my one face travel make up bag with a few spare options thrown into the mix.

There’s a little bit of everything here!

One thing I try to pay attention to is that the products I pack are easy to carry around, will not easily break and that I do not find it too bothersome if I were to lose or break them. The make up I packed here is more suitable for an overnight or weekend stay at my parents than when I am actually traveling. However, there are definitely products in here that I will always take with me no matter what.

I packed everything into this little make up bag from Hema. It cost only a few euros and it fits everything perfectly, while not being too big. I like this make up bag because of the shape: it’s square which means you can fit a lot of stuff in. Another thing I like is the aztec pattern and the bright neon coral zipper. I am not sure whether they do these anymore, but it is one of the best make up bags I have ever used.

The eye make up.

On to the contents. When I travel I like to keep things simple on the eyes, but I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t pack at least a few eye options. My first option is a cream shadow. I love cream shadows for traveling and on the go as they are easy to use and require little to no brushes. An eyeshadow palette is a musthave for me and I always bring this MUA Elysium palette. It is very similar to the Naked 3 by Urban Decay, yet it costs a fraction of the price.

Liners are always an easy product to make a look more smokey and intense so I always carry a brown and a black so I can create any look that tickle my fance. And of course mascara. Who could live without mascara.

Face & brows.

For the face I like using products that are easy to carry. I keep my glass foundation bottles at home and opt for a BB cream or other base product that comes in a squeezy tube. The same goes for concealer. This Perfect Match concealer by Rimmel is not only a great concealer but it also has a brush tip applicator to get the job done extremely easily.

I cannot go without powder so I will always pack a drugstore pressed powder that gets the job done. For brows, I opt for a thin pencil (as it takes up little to no space) and a brow gel. Again, quite easy and simple to use. I like my make up fuss free when I’m away from home.


Also for the cheeks I like to carry 2 different options. For bronzer I like taking a contour and an actual bronzer. The bronzer in the Sleek Face Form palette is a matte and on my skin tone really nice as a contour. The W7 bronzer is great as a bronzer and again, if it breaks: it doesn’t hurt too much to replace it.

A must for me is at least 2 blush shades. I like having a peachy/ coral on hand, as well as a pink toned blush. I love traveling with the little Bourjois pot rouge blushes as they are small and easy to carry. Highlight wise I’m not too picky, but that’s why I picked the W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow and Sleek Face Form palette: they both contains multiple products which are perfect for travel.


When it comes to lips, I like going with products that are longlasting on the lip. I don’t want to have to worry about my lipstick still being on when I am traveling or socializing with friends and family. And there things get a tad pricey: I simply think that more expensive lipsticks last longer, hence the MAC and Charlotte Tilbury.

For my lip selection I went with a nude (MAC Soar & MAC Mehr) and a red lip (MAC Cherry & Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red). Personally, I love a bold lip look, but if my look is more smokey I would like to have the option for a nude. So the biggest diversity in this make up bag comes in the lip options.

What would be in your one face make up bag?

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