Italy beauty haul: Sephora, Kiko & more

Haul time! Last week I showed you what I packed when I went to Rome, today I’m showing you the bits I brought home. Be aware: I shopped to my heart’s content. Why? Because Italy has Sephora, which means instant access to brands I can only dream of getting my hands on. So that is where my focus lies. I also shopped at Kiko and at an Italian beauty store where I bumped into The Balm, which makes this a make up laden video. Hope you enjoy!

I came. I saw. I shopped.

I got loads of items that were on my wishlist. Many items of course found through Youtube recommendations, such as the two Too Faced blushes, Make Up Forever eyeshadows and the Make Up Forever bronzer. I mainly shopped brands I cannot or not easily get my hands on here. An exception were the items I bought from Kiko, but since I also don’t have a Kiko store all that close to me, I thought it justified to pick up a few bits.

I was surprised to find The Balm at an Italian beauty store and I went a little ham with the cheek products. Lately, I’ve been loving a good cheek make up and so I decided to stock up. As you might remember from last week’s video, I traveled hand luggage only, so I couldn’t bring home too many liquids like lipsticks and foundations anyway. So I mostly stuck to powders.

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