Updated skincare routine

It’s been more than 2 years ago since I last showed you my current skincare routine. And boy has it changed since then! The products I use and even my skincare routine itself has changed quite a bit. There are about as many products in it, but the products I use and what I use them for have certainly changed. High time that I show you my updated skincare routine.

Updated skincare routine

The main reason why I want to show you this now is because my routine now consists of nothing but favorite products. This means that I do not foresee this routine changing any time soon. Of course some products will get switched around for new products once I run out of them, but I feel like the products that I am using now are quite solid in my daily skincare routine. I will inform you of which products I have swapped around and used up since taking these pictures as much as possible, as well as link to any product reviews that are up.

1.) Morning routine

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner
The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Facial Mist
Olaz Total Effects Moisturizer
Clinique Pep Start eye cream

In the morning I like to keep things simple. I cleans my face using a toner or micellar water. When taking these pictures I used one of my favorites: The Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Calming Toner. Currently I am using the Garnier Micellar water with the pink cap as a replacement. I follow that up with a few spritzes of the Vitamin C face mist. I find this wakes up my skin and adds a nice boost.

The next step is to moisturize my face and under eye area. For the face I use a myriad of products and I change it up whenever I run out of what I am using. At this moment I am using the Weleda Almond Face Cream in light. New in my morning routine is an eye cream. I tried a few but they didn’t do much or irritated my skin. Until I tried the Clinique Pep Start. This is nicely moisturizing and depuffs my under eye area. As an added bonus I find my concealer creases less when I use this first.

2.) Night time routine – Cleanse

Garnier Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover
Garnier Micellar Water in Oil

I start off my night time routine with cleansing my skin. Since water doesn’t agree with my skin very well, I stay away from the tap and take off my make up with some Garnier cleansers. My first step is to take off my eye make up with a cotton pad soaked in the Garnier eye make up remover. The second step is to take off my face and lip make up with the oil infused micellar water. I finish off with another cotton pad soaked in toner, or as I have been doing lately the original Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

3.) Night time routine – Nourish

Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Olaz Total Effects Moisturizer
Kiehl’s Creamy Eye treatment with avocado

For the actual skincare part of my night time routine, I like layering a few products for the ultimate effect. I start off my applying the Treatment Essence by Kiehl’s. This helps your other skincare products to soak into your skin. Step no. 2 is to apply serum. I have been loving using the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate for this and I am sad to see I’ve almost run out.

Sometimes I will use the same moisturizer for my night time routine, but currently I’ve been using a different one. The Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar is what I’ve been using lately. The final step in my night time skincare routine is to apply some eye cream. I just used up the Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream you see here. It was a great product, but I have gone back to the eye serum by De Tuinen to try and use that up.

4.) Occasional use

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion
Lush Angels on Bare Skin
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

So far I’ve shown you the products I use on a mostly daily basis. There are a few skincare products that I only use a few times a week if that. Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin is an oldie but a goodie in my skincare routine. I use this as to lightly exfoliate my skin when I am in the shower. If I happen to still have make up on by the time I take a shower, I like to take the easy route and apply the Kiehl’s cleanser to get rid of every last bit of make up. Finally, a product that is fairly new to my routine, but that has been making a huge difference in my skin is TBS’s Microdermabrasion. I only use this once a week, but it has been the best remedy against my milia.

What is your skincare routine like?

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