Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Pearl

If there is one make up product that is high on many beauty lovers’ wishlists it has to be a Becca highlight. In the past 2 years, Becca has become THE talk of the town when it comes to highlighters and for good reason. Their highlights are intense, incredibly smooth and most importantly: non-glittery. I already spotted the brand in the US last year, back when Champagne Pop first launched. But I wasn’t sure what shade to go for and since these cost a sweet penny, I wanted to be sure I bought one I would love. Enter this year, which saw the release of a new shade: Pearl. And then I knew: Pearl would be my Becca highlight shade.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Pearl

I ordered mine from the US Sephora website, but slowly but surely Becca is becoming a little more easily available if you’re living in The Netherlands. At $38 it is a pricey product, but a little less so than over here. Because Becca is limitedly available from a beauty store in my street, but there it retails for €45 a pan. Since I wanted to get a few other bits from Sephora, I decided to put this one in my basket as well.

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors come in three different varieties: pressed, liquid and poured. So it totally depends on what consistency you like your highlight to be, what product is best for you. I went with pressed as I like the control I get with a powder product. In total there are 6 different shades available in the pressed variety: Pearl, Moonstone, Rose Gold, Opal, Topaz and Champagne Pop. Prosecco Pop, the other Jaclyn Hill collab, has only available been in palettes or in the Champagne Splits.

Becca’s packaging isn’t exactly stunning. It is mainly practical. The compact mostly reminds me of a flying saucer. The rubberized outer edge makes this packaging feel sturdy and well made. But pretty? No, this isn’t my favorite.

Pearl is a very white highlight. It is almost icy, which is perfect if you have pale skin like me. Moonstone is also perfect for a lighter skin tone, but since that is very yellow, I knew it wouldn’t suit my skin tone very well. Hence my choice for Pearl. It may be icy and therefore a bit more cool tone and I prefer a cool toned highlight on me.

To show you how shimmery this highlight actually is, I decided to try using flash. Highlights are notoriously difficult to capture on film, but this picture sort of does it justice. In the pan, the product doesn’t look too shimmery. It’s not until the light hits it that you see the reflect an that is exactly what makes this such a great product.

A slightly blurry swatch. Because a blurry swatch show you a whole lot better what this product actually looks like. Can you see how smooth this product is? The texture of these is buttery soft. Some of these come wrapped in bubble wrap as they are so soft that they break easily. So be careful when traveling with these.

The color impact is intense, the shine is bang on and the staying power is sublime. Precisely because this product is so full on, I feel it stays put a lot better than most highlights. Even at the end of a working day (in my case that’s 12 hours of wear time), this product can still be detected on the skin.

Top: bronzer
Bottom: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pearl

And can you see the difference on my face. Yes, that is some bang on highlight and I didn’t have to work hard to create this effect. Sometimes I find that taking pictures of highlighters on my face I really have to slap it on just to show you the subtlest of effects. Here, I used a regular amount and this is what you get. Not only do you see a good amount of sheen, most importantly: it still looks natural enough for every day wear.

From a distance the effect isn’t too bam in your face. And that’s exactly why I opted for Pearl. My goal was to have a highlight that I could easily wear to work, that wouldn’t go out of style and that would go with  many different looks. While Champagne Pop is pretty, it is also very warm toned, which means it goes best with warm toned make up looks. This, however, is quite neutral and goes well with many different blush shades.

Full face

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl did not disappoint. The hype is not only real, it is absolutely 100% well-deserved. This product is amazing. Not only does it simply work well, it is also easy to use, versatile and stunning to boot. Yep, I am completely in love with my Becca highlighter. Now if it weren’t for that price tag, I’m sure I would snatch up the entire line asap, because this purchase has made me want to try more!

What do you use for highlighter?

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