H&M Beauty liquid lipsticks

Earlier this year I decided to try some H&M Beauty. About a year ago the brand completely revamped their make up line and I knew I wanted to try a few bits. I already showed you the single eyeshadows and bronzer that I purchased, time to show you some of the lip products I picked up. The shadows were a complete steal and had great quality, but what about their liquid lipsticks?

H&M Beauty Whipped Lip Mousse XOXO
H&M Beauty Velvet Lip Cream Nudista & Double Take

The H&M Beauty range features two different types of liquid lipsticks: the Whipped Lip Mousse and Velvet Lip Cream. The promised textures are slightly different, but both product are intended to create satin or matte finish that is long lasting on the lips. They are extremely affordable for a liquid lipstick at only €7.99. Many liquid lipsticks that are actually good will cost you at least double.

Each lipstick comes in its own individual box. One thing I love about the H&M Beauty products is the outside packaging. It makes the brand come off as much more luxurious and expensive than it actually is. The color of the product is part of the packaging for the Whipped Lip Mousse and all three come with a sticker in the shade of the lipstick inside.

I picked up three shades. I found the amount of shades available in both lines quite disappointing. Especially the Whipped Lip Mousse only had a handful of shades available and none of them necessarily different or exciting. The Velvet Lip Creams had a better offering, but again the shades are quite run of the mill. So these are good lines to stock up on your basics, but if you, like me, already own quite a bit of make up, then you may find yourself stumped by the lack of variety.

The applicators and textures are slightly different between the two varieties as you can see in these close up pictures of the wands. The Whipped Lip Mousse shows up a lot thicker and has more of a sheen to it. The Velvet Lip Creams look less saturated and the applicator is a bit longer and fluffier.

Swatches: XOXO – Nudista – Double Take

Swatched on the arm all the shades seem well-pigmented and smooth for the most part. Only Nudista shows some lumpy bits but those are not noticeable on the lip. XOXO has more of a sheen to it. I would describe this formula as a satin: it is not overly glossy but neither is it completely matte. Nudista and Double Take are most definitely matte formulas. Whatever shine you see in the swatch will dry down and turn into a completely matte finish in a matter of seconds.

XOXO – Double Take
Nudista – Double Take after 12 hours of wear

Can you tell which ones are my favorite? Nudista is definitely not it. It went on streaky, had troubles covering up my naturally pigmented lips AND it pulled into every nook and cranny of my lips. Not a winner. The shade is also a little too light for me. As you will see in the pictures below, Nudista is one of those looks of death lipsticks. Anything but flattering in any case.

XOXO and Double Take on the other hand are both stunning liquid lipsticks. Wear time on these is very similar, though I would have to say that the Velvet Lip Creams stay on a little bit longer, especially as it stains your lips. I was impressed to find how well Double Take lasted on my lips. After 12 hours without touch ups the color has definitely worn off, but is still hanging around quite nicely.

XOXO – Nudista – Double Take

Against my complexion I think Double Take has to be my favorite shade here. It is so bright and in your face and I love these kind of shades for spring/ summer. XOXO is a stunning coral. Those type of shades aren’t necessarily my favorite. I find corals quite hard to pull off and I only own a few that I truly like. XOXO is one of them. And I already discussed Nudista. No, just no…

I was pleasantly surprised by the H&M Beauty liquid lipsticks. The two formulas I tried are both stunning, yet the versatility in the shade range is limited. Nevertheless, the shades that I picked worked for me for the most part and I was impressed with how long these stay on the lips. Yes, my conclusion is that, provided you pick a shade that’s right for you, H&M’s liquid lipsticks are indeed a steal.

What liquid lipstick is your favorite?

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