MAC Lipstick swatches

I currently own 20 MAC lipsticks. That is more than enough and means I have a little bit of everything. Since I like where my MAC lipstick collection now stands, I thought it was time for me to show you how all of these shades look on. This means that without further ado, I present to you: my MAC lipstick swatch video. Please watch, my lips will be very very thankful ;-).

MAC Lipstick swatches & try on

The main reason why I decided to do this video is because lipstick colours differ a lot depending on your hair color, skin tone and lip color. I am blonde, am fair skinned, yet have brown eyes and naturally dark brows AND have good pigmentation to my own lip color. I have yet to see a video done by someone with those exact ‘requirements’. So I thought it might be helpful to see what these shades look like on me. I hope you enjoy.

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